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Image Embedded Headache and the Dorn Method, some interesting connections revealed
Thomas Zudrell Views: 1,729
Published: 16 years ago

Headache and the Dorn Method, some interesting connections revealed

The categorization of headaches, as defined by classical medicine is quite complicated. The most frequent and well-known are migraine, cluster headache, tension headache and the kind of headache which is triggered by a particular organ, as for example the pain caused by a sinusitis.
As far as the Dorn Method (SMT, Dr. Michael Graulich) is concerned, this classification is not very helpful. In the Dorn Method (SMT) it is assumed that all headaches which are not caused by an organ in the head have their origin in the spine.
Of course, it should be mentioned that the vertebrae of the cervical spine act as triggers for the development of headaches. When a patient suffering with a headache is examined and manually treated at the cervical spine, he will often be able to say from which vertebra the pain originates while different cervical vertebrae are pressed. When pressing on a particular vertebra, it is possible to follow the pain up to the spot where the headache is felt.
However, it is not only the cervical vertebrae which are responsible for a migraine, but also the vertebrae of the bladder (L3) and the kidneys (TH10 and TH11), to which the 3rd cervical vertebra belongs. The bladder meridian runs along the spine up to the 7th cervical vertebra, then passes over the centre of the head and then down to the forehead towards the area of the nasal root. The gall meridian (TH4) runs sideways over the head in the area of the temple and then around the ear. Migraine pains in this area can be caused by a blockage of the gall vertebra. However, much more frequent than a pain in the side of the head is the migraine pain which radiates behind and into the eyes. Both the liver (TH5) and the 2nd cervical vertebra belong to the gall bladder (functional circuit!).
The heart meridian (TH2) takes an inner course directly to, and into, the eye. A migraine with pain in the eye can therefore also be caused by blockages of the 2nd thoracic vertebra. It is also possible to have a mixture of these different kinds of migraine at the same time.
The tension headache has its origin in a quite different area. In this case also a cervical vertebra is involved, namely the seventh (C7 = also called spider, here one meridian meets all meridian pairs).
A young woman suffering with migraine came to see me for treatment several times. She had a very pronounced deviation of the cervical spine to the left, together with such an indurations that it let one believe that this deformation had existed for years. Following the Dorn Method (SMT), her ailments showed a distinct improvement and further treatments were only occasionally necessary.
One day this patient returned to the practice with a headache and she was given the usual treatment. This time I noticed that the damage at the cervical spine was much less obvious than at her last visit. Several days later this young woman came again to my practice, because the headache had not improved. Now, not only the cervical spine was treated, but also blockages at the gall vertebra and especially at the bladder vertebra. After one hour the headache had disappeared.
This example should make it clear that so-called partial treatments make little sense. In order to achieve really reliable success, a person should always be treated from bottom to top, or better from the soles of their feet to the crown of their head. The causes for a disease cannot always be found just in the vicinity where the disease is apparent. The spinal damages which are responsible for an illness normally develop from the lower part of the body upwards.

From the book of Dr. Michael Graulich (SMT Founder = Dorn Method) Wonders take a little longer.

For further info check the Forum Dorn Method and my website:



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