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Image Embedded Meridians and Dorn-Therapy

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Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Thomas Zudrell Views: 4,939
Published: 16 years ago

Meridians and Dorn-Therapy

Meridians and Dorn-Therapy

A diseased organ can show symptoms along the corresponding meridian. That is a fact that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) knows since thousands of years.
These symptoms can be for example: Pain, Disruptions in the Sensitivity, Misinterpretations in the Sensory System, Restrictions in Movements, Energy-Blockages, Cramps, Changes in the Tissues and others. Often the corresponding Vertebrae are misaligned or blocked.
From the localization of the complains the Dorn Therapist can get valuable information about the involved Meridians and therefore about the misaligned or blocked vertebrae.
Vise-Versa we can say that with the Dorn-Therapy the Meridians are also always been treated and influenced at the same time and the distant results can therefore be explained through this.
It is possible, for example, that a dry mouth or bad breath disappears because of the correction of vertebrae C4, Th6, Th7 and Th8 influencing the functional circuit Spleen-Stomach-Mouth.

Connection of Vertebrae and Meridians:

Vertebrae Yin-Meridian Yang-Meridian

C2 Liver-meridian Gallbladder-meridian
Heart-meridian Small Intestine-meridian
C3 Kidney-meridian Bladder-meridian
C4 Spleen-meridian Stomach-meridian
Lung-meridian Large Intestine-meridian
Th2 Heart-meridian Small Intestine-meridian
Th3 Lung-meridian Large Intestine-meridian
Th4/Th5 Liver-meridian Gallbladder-meridian
Th6-Th8 Spleen-meridian Stomach-meridian
Th9-Th11 Kidney-meridian Bladder-meridian
Th12 Heart-meridian Small Intestine meridian
L1 Lung-meridian Large Intestine-meridian
L3 Kidney-meridian Bladder-meridian

A special role in connection with the Dorn-Therapy plays the Governor- and the Bladder-meridian:
The Governor, running along the Spine upwards, is consequently always treated whenever the Spine receives a Dorn-Therapy – with wide ranging consequences. Through that Meridian flows the activating Yang-Energy and the Patients feel this usually very soon: The Live Force is awakened, the Immune System strengthened and the Organ Function assisted. The Patient mostly feels more free, well, taller and better.

Especially clear are the connections of vertebrae and meridians seen at the Bladder-meridian. As a Yang-Meridian the Bladder-meridian flows from the upper part downwards. It guides from the head along the back over the back of the knee until the outer side of the small toe. There it connects with the upwards flowing Kidney-meridian.
On its way down the back the Bladder-meridian flows right and left from the Spine. It connects all vertebrae joints and the sacrum with the Brain and the lower extremities..
Therefore every Dorn-Therapy is influencing the Bladder-meridian.
So it can happen that with the correction of a blockage in the lumbar area, Pain in the knee disappears.
Many such Healing results, achieved with the Dorn-Therapy, can be explained with the Help of the Meridians. Depending on the Location many problems can be connected with disruptions along the Bladder-meridian: Sound in the Ear (Tinnitus), Low Energy-levels (weakness), Neurodermitis, Psoriasis, ‘open’ legs, Pains in the lower sacrum, the knee, on the back of the legs or on the outside of the ankles as well as cramps in the calves.

As soon as the Therapist finds the meridians an vertebrae that corresponds to the complains he will treat the vertebra connected to that organ area as well as all the vertebrae connected to the corresponding Functional Circuit.
In many cases this will result in a fast healing or at least in an improvement of the problem.

Note: Once in a while the joints or scars along the meridian play a role in this. A scar-treatment should be considered here as well.
The greatest success, however, is achieved when the whole Spine and all Joints are treated in a complete Dorn-Session.

(Excerpt from the Book ‘Die Dorn Therapie’ (in German language only), Helmuth Koch, Hildegard Steinhauser)


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