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How Different Have We Become
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Published: 15 years ago

How Different Have We Become

Since the advent of fecal odor in your life how different have you become? Although not everyone admits that I have fecal odor even though I can always smell it and hear comments about it, the one thing that has surely changed about me is the amount of tissue paper I use to wipe after each bathroom visit just to try to get clean. This is highly embarrasing - the amount of tissue paper! Prior to the advent of the fecal odor issue I cant recall using that much tissue to wipe or ever clogging the toilet. Infact, I didnt know the function of toilet plungers until fecal odor started for me. Prior to the fecal odor issue I was always able to get rid of all the mess in one single flush, but now even after four toilet-flushes Im still wiping stuff off my butt.

People with anal fecal odor experience a reduction of their odor with colonics. Enema use - which is mini-colonic - also helps to diminish the odor. My healthy friends who use enemas to prepare for anal sex report passing "balls" of fecal matter, while I only pass out "pastry, thick" feces with enema use. Really, how different have we become after this anal fecal odor issue and could our difference help us find the appropriate treatment?

I believe we are passing "unhealthy" feces. Dr oz - on Oprah - went on to specify and show images of what "healthy" feces should look like. Healthy feces should come out as thick rods, completely bound together. But Dr. oz was too hopeful by stating that increased fiber will lead to "healthy" feces - well my 2 cents on that is that it may not be true for all people (especially those with anal fecal odor).

There is a strong likelihood that we are suffering from malabsorption which may explain why many of us are so thin, have diarrhohea.... Food, vitamins are constantly passing through us. To further proof malabsorption, our stools are most likely watery/pasty because our digestive linings arent absorbing water from our stools like they're supposed to. If our digestive linings arent absorbing water from our stools which in turn make our stool pasty, there's a high possibility that our digestive linings arent absorbing vitamins and other food materials optimally, increasing our urge to defecate them out and why we overly smell of what we've just eaten. This kind of atmosphere can also only promote bacteria prolieferation, increasing gas activity.

A couple of days ago I took anti-diarrhohea medication which constipated me. While I was still constipated I began to drink Gatorade as my only liquid. When I finally had a bowel movement, the feces were firm and well-formed. I used tissue paper to wipe afterwards and nothing appeared on the tissue paper except very dry, dark sand-like particles. Had I not been drinking only Gatorade the time I was constipated Im sure I wouldnt have seen those dry, dark sand-like particles because my colonic lining was only able to absorb Gatorade from my stool (since Gatorade is specially formulated for easy absorption). And since Gatorade was the only liquid in my system and it was absorbed, my bowel movement was of well-formed feces and the feces came out of me without leaving any trace in my anal canal. And the dark, sand-like partcules I wiped off afterwards were of prior fecal matter that smeared the walls of my anal canal when I was still drinking liquids that my colonic linings couldnt absorb.

The malabsorption theory would also explain why when people with our condition are placed on IV drips, their fecal odor dissappear because IV feeds food (nutrients) directly into the blood, so our colonic linings don't have to.

We would need to mix or prepare our food with some kind of osmotic chemicals so as to encourage our intestinal linings to absorb our food and water, instead of throwing them out! That's why most of us can never be fat with this condition.

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