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*edit* video presentation of Illuminati Bloodlines
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Published: 14 years ago
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*edit* video presentation of Illuminati Bloodlines

The video is sorta kinda a highly condensed presentation of the Illuminati Bloodlines book, but it does mention other books briefly, including BWAS.

As to BWAS showing an unravelling effect near the end, I have not gotten all the way through myself but am getting close. And, I've never been as close to WT / JW as you have, so that might make a difference in perception as well. I've been makign this a slow, deliberate read since I am proofreading this book at the same time while typing it into a cleaned-up HTML file (cleaning up many errors in formatting / fonts, spelling, puncutation, grammar, etc). Also remember that this book states at the very beginning " Pre Publication Release". Fritz even included some introductory information about this situation. I think the plan was, he intended to revisit / reprint this work at a later time. I'm also guessing that when one is sort of rushing a large book to print, some of the more telling effects of "pre publication" might show up near the end. PS> Also remember, in this supposed big, bad, great "land of the free" we are said to be living in, Fritz was relegated to self-publishing.... it seems that none of the publishing houses big or small had the wherewithall to do what otherwise is supposedly their livlihood in this instance.....funny, that.... no big-time publisher willing to throw any of their clout around nor $$$ in Fritz's face for the privilege of printing his work....when I think of all the lame albeit prominent people who've had their books published in the last few years alone, and lots of $$ thrown in their face in the process, this is rather sickening to consider.

Be this as it may, I'll take your word for this for now. Fritz was not shy about acknowledging he may have made some factual errors here and there, especially given the wide scope of material presented coupled with the vast depth of the subject. At the same time, to a large extent his book was made up of the process of putting together a large collection of other people's references.... encyclopedias/books/works/research/scripture, and some of his sources date back a century or more. So, in a way, to dismiss Fritz & BWAS is kinda the same as dismissing dozens and dozens of other authors all in one fell swoop. This of course means the dismissal of, for instance, the words & works of one C.T. Russell as well as the legion of esoteric masons he once rode on.

Nonetheless, I hear what you are saying about the sentiment for your hubby's inclination to dismiss. Off the top of my head, if I were you, I imagine one of two options: 1) let it go ; 2) don't let it go but instead offer a rational counter.

If I were to attempt a rational counter, I would ask hubby (pretending I'm you ;) "Gee, hubby, you have such stalwart standards when it comes to dismissing Conspiracy research......I sure hope you are holding your establishment up to the same lofty standards.... are you? you hold the criminals permeating your government to the same standards?....your educational institution?.....the serial killers in healthcare & medicine?.......your military?......your financial institutions?....your industries & corporations?....your media?.... your at ?.... why not?"

Best of luck with that! :)


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