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Re: Women's Liberation and The Analytical Thinker
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Women's Liberation and The Analytical Thinker

Thank you Donna.

I guess the question was a bit rhetorical in that I did not expect an answer but asked nonetheless in hopes this might encourage one to contemplate what the scope of the answer entails.

The post you replied with tells me you've done some serious contemplating. Thanks.

Just now I thought some more of the scope of what this answer has entailed so far for me. A few memories jumpt out. As a five year old "kindergardner", part of the daily instructin routine was "nap time".... each student given a small rug to spread on their space on the floor to nap upon. I don't know where this particular framed, abeit skewed reference for boy children came from.... probably another point chalked up for that mysterious, nefarious, invisible "it"..."them" force that seems to have the uncanny knack for being ever present in our world but nobody can ever put their finger on it was sort of by way of insider information among the little boys that it was an in-thing to do to try and sneak a peak up a nearby girls dress during nap time.....yes, even 43 years in the past now, that was a far cry from those older romantic "gloved hands" times you told of. I remember that the day I first learned of this new, insider tip, I tried it out during that days nap time. This did not require much in the way of skill, only a bit of a furtive small animal with darting eyes. This soon lead to one of those moments that, after I tried it, and succeeded, I immediately began thinking ", Marcy is wearing powder-puff blue undies today....big deal, now what? this it? I doing it right?....this all seems so ho-hum...what am I not getting about this?". Despite this lack of fulfillment, on a somewhat irregular daily basis, like rote....clock-work "punching in" the next couple hundred consecutive weekday afternoons, I'd found myself lying down on my personal rug, pretending to be sleeping while sneaking a peak at the girl next door, still thinking to myself "there's gotta be more, I have no idea what, but there's gotta be more".

Within the year there was good old Mrs Miller, first grade teacher. One day while at the front of the room looking back at the class, gauging for feedback, I guess the collective feedback told her in no uncertain terms that the class was just not getting it....and she sort of erupted. I seem to recall the trigger having been a flurry of those naively asked "but why_____?" questions from the class the way children seem to never run out of asking....along the lines of "but why do you wanna keep after us to study and learn to read alla this stuff?. Her countenance changed in a heartbeat, and she got that no-nonsense look on her face while sternly gazing at each student one after the next. She did not shout but was quite firm in stating "because I am trying to teach you kids how to think_for_yourselves!". Then followed that familiar "coulda heard a pin drop" moment of silence that sort of lingered for a good moment or two. I'll never forget that moment. My eyes just sorta happened to be locked on hers as she panned her gaze from one student to the next. It would take another 15 to 25 years for this lesson to really sink in for me, but I never forgot that moment. I view this as one of those relative few points to be chalked up on the good side of the figurative ledger that has always been locked in battle with that mysterious, neafarious, ever-present "it". If Mrs. Miller was still alive today, I would really like to thank her in person for that lesson.

It's now been about 43 years since that unforgettable moment in elementary school. Looking back, it was my distinct misfortune to have come of age during the same lame era when women's lib campaign was hitting peak stride between late 60's and early 80's.

Are you familiar with the term "diminishing returns"?... just a way of labeling a given phenom that is notable by the fact that it is occuring on a decreasing basis..., happening less often all the time. From my summary view over the last 43 years, this seems to be where the world has been heading as far as points being chalked up for the good side. Meanwhile, the points seem to never cease racking up for that ill, nefarious "them" force .... like an old pinball machine counter continually clicking and dinging away higher and higher, too much bad happening too quickly, too numerous to keep track of it all, easier to be overwhelmed, caught up, swept away, misled, deceived, deranged, dumbed-down and culture-shocked ad infinitem.

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