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with pet dewormer (or not)-- anyone notice dog losing patches of hair?
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Published: 14 years ago

with pet dewormer (or not)-- anyone notice dog losing patches of hair?

so my dog just finished up his humaworm (it took an extra day so I'm hoping that didn't affect it.) I would typically mix two pinches (he requires five pinches a day) with egg or pumpkin and let him eat it, or during the times he wasn't hungry, mix it with coconut oil in my hand and then quickly jam my hand in his mouth to rub it vigorously on the roof of his mouth and on his tongue.

Now, when we first moved to this house a little over a month ago, he was biting at his butt a lot and clearish scabs raised and covered it. He then lost a patch of hair. I attributed this to fleas or something else.

Now, last night between six and nine p.m. he was out in the backyard laying against my front step and when he came in he was missing a HUGE patch of hair-- like 8+ inches long by 3 inches wide, looking like three circles stacked on top of each other.

So, at the moment I refuse to be worried because his other hair grew back (I know, I know, I should be more worried about his health problem that caused this, but he still acts the same so I'm just worried about my dog needing a serious weave.)

I looked around on his body to check if he was having any gunk pushed out of his skin from humaworm. On his back I don't really see anything, but on his belly I see reddish brown dots that I assume are his pores pushing out toxins.

Now-- there's other factors here:
1. I live in a house that I'm fixing. that means that there's paint fumes, and there's also this little wall heater that I've never turned on, but if I get real close I can smell a tiny bit of gas or other funkiness.
2. outside: fleas and mosquitos (I have yet to start giving my dog garlic because I got fresh garlic thinking I could just make him eat it...negative. my dog hates garlic. have yet to get garlic powder per RG's instructions.)
3. Raw food diet-- perhaps too many eggs, or he ate a bad chicken (doubtful but possible.)
4. He goes to doggy daycare twice a week, so there's always their yard and inside to contend with (and they're redoing the bathroom so there's also dust and stuff there.)

So I just wanted to see if either anyone had a dog lose hair during their humaworm which just had to do with parasite elimination, or if anyone ever had a dog just lose hair.

I'm really hoping it grows back as it's kind of ugly! I know, I need to be bigger than being embarrassed to be seen with my dog :/

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