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Informal medical interpretation on labs, reports, diagnosis,
medical jargon, and dialogue with physicians. Truth Welcome!

We believe that this proposal will help many members on
CureZone. As of yet, there isn't a Forum to assist people as a
consultation tool with a scientific objective. Additionally, we
like to empower people to communicate with their doctor or
health practitioner so that they can receive the best care

This Forum is self-promoting through our services at Restorative
Health Research Plus™. We are Consultants serving the
alternative healthcare community using science as a tool to help
people around the world by providing a lab consultation service.

Our main purpose is to help empower people with their health
needs. In addition to our own self-promotion, we feel that it
would be PERTINENT to provide objective consultations to Forum
members to assist them on ANY and ALL lab results and/or medical
reports that they have received from their practitioner. In some
case, this could be simple role play on the forum so that they
can be better prepared for their appointment. Using the Forum we
can help people remove fears when they see their practitioner
through a series of questions or objective comments.

We will also rely on other professional CZ members to assist us
on consultations who may have experience with reading lab
results, charts, etc.


DD and Doc
Consultant on Infectious Pathogens
Restorative Health Research Plus™

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