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Ask Dr Vinograd: Amalgam/Mercury-Free Dentistry
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Ask Dr Daniel Vinograd

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"I was 35 years old and feeling like 80…….I did not understand where all the symptoms I was experiencing came from: The brain fog, the insomnia, the digestive problems, the tired feeling that accompanied me every day, the irritability and bad breath. I could still remember feeling so much more healthy as I was younger, so vibrant and full of good quality energy. At first, I attributed feeling unhealthy to the aging process.

Was I relieved when after years of searching, I finally discovered that what I was feeling was not normal aging. I felt like I had hit a dead end. My blood tests did not show any abnormalities other than a high Candida count, but when I researched the various approaches to eradicate Candida, I was surprised to find that the fungus has a direct relationship with heavy metal toxicity.

Apparently, our bodies “farm” the Candida to have them help absorb some of the toxicity created in our bodies from the heavy metals. I then ran some test to uncover the possibility of being burdened by other heavy metals. After Urine Toxic Elements and Fecal Metals tests (at Doctor’s Data Medical Laboratory), Hair Analysis (at Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory), and a Syncrometer Test of my saliva samples, what I found was shocking!

All tests revealed abnormal levels of various metals; including arsenic, nickel and lead (I suppose that although labeled abnormal they are quite common). However, it was my mercury levels that were off the charts, and appeared consistently in every test. Where was this mercury coming from? We know now that certain fish have been identified as carrying unusually high levels of mercury (the government’s Environmental Protection Agency now carries strict warnings) As a dentist, I suspected the mercury did not solely come from the fish.

As most dentists, I had been indoctrinated to believe that amalgam (silver) fillings, were perfectly safe. Could my use of amalgams, both in my patient’s mouth and on my own be a source of mercury toxicity? As it turns out, not only do I believe that to be the case, but dentists are now being compelled by law to disclose to their patients the potential dangers of amalgam use.

I am happy to be able to report that I am now 51 years old and feel like 20. I have spent the bulk of my time developing a protocol to help patients detoxify (perhaps driven by some guilt over the many years I used amalgams on my patients). I have explored therapies with intravenous chelating agents (DMSA, EDTA, DMPS), finding them expensive and very harsh on the body. I have looked into sublingual herbal and homeopathic preparation, finding some of them somewhat useful, but quite expensive (one such preparation was retailing for $150.00 for one ounce bottle, needing several bottles). As I was getting somewhat frustrated by the unavailability of a product that could do the job at a reasonable cost, I discovered BodyPure pads. I was so ecstatic…. at last an answer to my search for a protocol that met my criteria: Reasonably priced, effective, and easy to use. I started using the pads and testing them for toxin content. Sure enough the results from the used pads’ test came back positive for all kinds of toxins: Mercury, Isopropyl alcohol, Benzene, Nickel, Asbestos, Dimethylaminoazobenzene (DAB Dye) and PCB’s.

After the initial shock of what I visually saw come out from my body and the test results, I began to really enjoy watching the dark areas in the pads get smaller and smaller. I have now experienced hundreds of products, from vitamins and minerals to herbs and homeopathy. Detoxifying (staying ahead of the game) and eating fresh and nutritious food, I am convinced, have regenerated my health to a level I did not think possible. I wish the same for you!"

Dr. Vinograd, D.D.S., N.M.D.

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