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Foods That Heal
Water Cure
Unrefined sea salt
Vegetable Juices -juicing
Fats That Heal
Essential fatty Acids
Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D
Trace Minerals
Enzymes and cancer
Udos Choice
Essiac tea
Flaxseed oil / Linseed oil
Algae and seaweed
Chlorela algae
Spirulina algae
Barley grass
Bovine cartilage
Chaparral (Larrea tridentata)
Iscador (from Viscum album)
Lemonade in the morning
Blood type diet :  O  A  B  AB
Nutrients Detoxify And Rebuild An Overwhelmed Immune System
Olive Oil For Healt
Ocean Vegetables
Coenzyme Q10
Maple Syrup
Sea Vegetables
Laetrile, vitamin B 17 amygladin Apricot seeds, apple seeds,...
Aloe Vera
Lemon and Olive Oil
Digestive enzymes
Probiotics- beneficial intestinal flora
Pau d'Arco  tea (Taheebo, ipe roxo ,lapacho)
CoEnzyme Q10
Colloidal silver
Olive leaf extract
Colloidal minerals Contain: selenium, zinc, chromium, vanadium, germanium, manganese, magnesium, and 70 other elements.
Castor oil Packs (Ricinus oil)
Epsom Salts Bath
Green tea
Green tea contain many antioxidant chemicals known as polyphenols.
One of them called EGCG has 20 times the radical quenching effect of Vitamin E, and 500 times the effect of vitamin C.
Garlic, Onion
Garlic and onions contains chemicals: (allyl sulfides) which help limit the production of cancer causing chemicals.
Tomato contain antioxidants "lycopene" 
Fermented Soy Products (best products are miso, tamari and shoyu):
Soy products contain chemicals called "isoflavones" which act as weak estrogens and leave less room for strong ones. Estrogen promotes fast growth of breast cells in women.
Sauerkraut packed with cancer-fighting compounds
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Caffeine, even in small doses, may hurt arteries May 18
Fish Oil Helps Prevent Diabetes May 08
Study: Folk remedy used in India cuts cholesterol May 03
Black Raspberries May Thwart Colon Cancer May 03
Excitotoxins - MSG and Aspartame May 03
UK Parents Say NO To Fluoride In School Milk May 02
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Diet, Aging, and Muscle by Joe Friel Apr 26
Akrylamid-listen Apr 26
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UPDATE 3-Crisps, french fries, bread may cause cancer-study Apr 25
Swedish Study of Food and Cancer Rings Alarm Bells Apr 24
Fish Oil Cuts Risk of Sudden Death Apr 24
Fructose (corn syrup) is No Answer For a Sweetener Jan 04
Beans and Peas Can Cut Heart Disease Risk Dec 15
Killer Sugar! Suicide With A Spoon Dec 12
78 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health  Dec 11



Climate, Seasons  and Food Choices

If you can, you should always choose food grown in the same climatic region and mainly seasonal foods. The next best choice is food grown in the neighbor climatic region, or food grown during the previous season. Climate consideration and season considerations are especially important when we are talking about fruits, nuts and vegetable.  You don't have to consider climate and season when it comes to fish, sea food, eggs, meat, milk products, spices, oils ...

Some fruits and nuts are naturally available during cold winter. There is nothing wrong in consuming it, even if you would consider it "autumn food".


List of Foods that kill



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