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Meditation and Visualization

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While a discipline- one pointed concetration   by #65602   18 year 1 of 1 (100%)

may not take "a lifetime" to do an hour. Here's the short cut- get to a place where meditation has been taking place for many years- the air hums at a very slow vibration. Try your first meditation as a guided experience- with a leader taking you deeper inside yourself. One you find "the place" then it is easier to reproduce the place.

Once you are able to find the place, do your meditation with a group who is experienced or at least at a place of slow vibration hum, it will carress you into or lull you into the one pointed conciousness.

Develop a spiritual practice that includes a tribe or community so the group can bring you into the Oneness

It is the connection to the source. You are the source.
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Further steps in Meditation practice   by Karlin   19 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Another great way to focus the mind - focus on the breathing, make it "deeep" into the abdomen. Slowing it , and going to the deep abdomen, causes a physical reaction of relaxing. [maybe breathing was mentioned, I didn't see it tho']

Once focused on a single thought, you have done the good job of releasing your mind from "all those other thoughts" we have running thru our minds. You have tapped into a new consciousness.

But then, how about EMPTYING the mind, not even one thought or action, but still the mind stays empty becuase you have developed this ability.

I just wanted to point that out so people know there really is no "end" to meditation's disipline, its open ended.

IF you can meditate for 20 days and nights without a thought, at that time, you will problably have an epiphany of some sort. Then go for 40 -but remember that it akes most of a lifetime to have the disipline to go an hour w/o thought.

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Meditation has been used in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions   by #56153   19 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Meditation has been used in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and intestinal problems, as well as cancer. Lawrence LeShan points out that the techniques for meditation, whether developed in India 2,500 years ago or in medieval monasteries, bear many similarities. (7)

Meditation begins by clearing ordinary concerns from the mind and focusing on a particular mental task. LeShan distinguishes four different types of meditation in common use:

  1. Listening to a tape recording designed to induce a relaxed state
  2. Repeating a phrase (a mantra) over and over in the mind as the patient relaxes
  3. Visualizing changes in the body or in images representing problems
  4. Focusing the mind on a single task, such as simply counting the number of breaths one takes

InThe Relaxation Response Dr. Herbert Benson reviews the literature on how these techniques produce relaxation and a variety of physiological responses, ranging from lowered heart rate to changes in brain waves.

Read more (2,6,7)

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