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Shark Liver Oil - Alkylglycerols

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Shark liver oil, a cancer cure from Norway   by #56153   18 year

Shark liver oil has been used as a folk medicine by the inhabitants of the fishing villages along the west coast of Norway and Sweden for hundreds of years. The fishermen cooked the livers to extract the oil, then stored it in the cleaned and preserved shark stomachs.

The oil was used to promote wound healing and as a general remedy for conditions related to the respiratory tract and the digestive system. It was also used to treat "glandular diseases," which we commonly refer to as swollen lymph nodes.

The alkylglycerols are marketed in the United States under the trade name of Ecomer. Each capsule of Ecomer contains 50 mg of alkylglycerols in 250 mg of purified shark liver oil.

The normally recommended therapeutic dosage of alkylglycerols (Ecomer) for cancer patients is 100 mg (2 capsules) three times daily. For health maintenance and as a preventative, the usual recommended dose of alkylglycerols (Ecomer) is 1 capsule twice daily.

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