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Beta Carotene

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A diet high in Beta Carotene lowers the risk of cancer   by #56153   18 year

Fill up your plate with those green and yellow fruits and vegetables. Over twenty studies have been published showing a diet high in vitamin A and carotenes lowers the risk of cancer. A study conducted at Harvard University found that elderly individuals who reported the highest consumption of green and yellow fruits and vegetables had a significantly decreased risk of developing cancer.

A large Japanese study showed that vegetable eaters had a decreased risk of developing lung and stomach cancer. This twenty-year ongoing study also indicates that damage from poor dietary and life-style habits is reversible. For example, ex-smokers who ate a daily dose of vegetables reduced their risk of lung cancer. Also, just eating more vegetables produced a 25-percent reduction in stomach cancer.

People on mainly vegetarian diet may not need an extra supplementation. Vegetable juices are the richest source of Beta Carotene.

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