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Dr. William Donald Kelley Protocol

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Dr. William Donald Kelley is the author of the book One Answer To Cancer   by #56153   18 year

IN 1964 Dr. William Donald Kelley, a very successful orthodontist in west Texas, was told that he had terminal pancreatic cancer and that he probably had only a few weeks to live. His mother flew from her home in Kansas to Texas to help her son. When she arrived, she found that he basically lived on chocolate and various other junk foods. She was reportedly appalled by the "food" in her son's kitchen cupboards and immediately threw it all out and demanded that he immediately switch to a healthy, raw-food vegetarian diet.

The healthy Diet didn't cure Dr. Kelley, but it did stop the progression of his cancer and make him feel much better. Because Kelley's tumors were large enough to be easily felt, he could tell if the dietary changes were effective by monitoring their size.

Kelley was a very inquisitive man, as well as a very thorough researcher. During one phase of his healing process, he developed severe indigestion. On the advice of his pharmacist, he took digestive enzymes. This not only helped his indigestion, it seemed to make his tumors shrink a little. Being a man of extremes, Kelley tried taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes and found that he felt better and his tumors began to shrink.

Over a period of time Dr. Kelley developed a total program that eventually enabled him to heal himself. At one point he discovered that the diet his mother had started him on and that worked so well for him was very similar to the diet that Dr. Max Gerson had used successfully with his cancer patients.

As news of his successful self-treatment for cancer spread, it wasn't long before people began coming to him, not for dentistry, but for cancer therapy. Dr. Kelley is still alive today and living in semi-retirement.
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