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Why is my doctor against Alternative Cancer Therapies?

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Why is my doctor against alternative cancer therapies   by bugrally   10 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Two simle reasons: #1. There is no money in alternative cancer treatment for them. #2. The NWO is seeking population control. They are the ones who promote therapy for cancer with the same thing that causes it in the first place. That's called a conspiracy.
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Medical Predicaments   by andmor   19 year 4 of 4 (100%)

Every person with a sound medical background knows that the symptom of an illness is not the real illness, yet the majority of doctors today treat the symptoms as if they were the disease. Not knowing the causes of the vast majority of the over 40,000 listed diseases, the medical textbooks and practitioners nevertheless speak of ‘effective treatments’ for these diseases. The disease agencies that were originally set up to protect the population against false claims of cure insist that only medical drugs can “diagnose and cure diseases.” Accordingly, anyone who says that a natural and harmless herb or food does the same or even better, violates the law and risks prosecution. That prescription drugs like Vioxx have killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people does not seem to encourage these agencies to go out and warn the masses to think twice about taking prescription drugs. This would give the nearly one million people who die each year from the devastating side effects caused by prescription drugs a chance to save their lives.
You always create harmful side effects when you treat symptoms of disease without removing its underlying cause(s). How scientific or reasonable can it be to treat a disease for which the cause remains obscure? How much medical expertise can a prominent oncologist claim to have if he treats your cancer without having a clue where it is coming from or why it has occurred?
One of the key problems is that today’s medical schools do not train their students to think for themselves when it comes to understanding the underlying causes of an illness. Medical doctors are required to follow a rigid protocol or treatment plan, and if they deviate from it this could easily cost their license to practice medicine. They may even end up in jail, like so many doctors who out of kindness and compassion have offered alternative, unauthorized treatment to their patients. So can we expect to find out from the medical doctors and the technologies they employ what really bothers us when we are sick? Unlikely so, although I am very pleased to say there is a steadily increasing number of exceptions.
For the most part, we are still in the dark ages with regard to true healing. According to independent reports by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, a wing of the American Congress and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) 85-90 percent of all medical procedures used by today’s medical establishments are unproved and not backed up by scientific research. This includes almost every diagnostic procedure and treatment modality that is offered to you in your doctor’s office or by your local hospital. This includes the use of chemotherapy drugs and radiation.
If your car has engine trouble, would you entrust it to a mechanic who offered you a 10 percent guarantee of having it fixed? I don’t think so. You would more likely take your car to someone who is properly trained to look for and repair the causes of the malfunctioning engine rather than making a couple of superficial adjustments. Suffering from a disease means that there is something gone awry with the human ‘engine,’ if you will. Our medical practitioners, however, are not trained to deal with the root causes of chronic illness. The training is rather dedicated to alleviate or shut down the symptoms indicative of the body trying to deal with an underlying imbalanced situation. Removing the symptoms actually suppresses the body’s (and the mind’s) attempt to deal with the real problem. The medical industry has brainwashed the masses to believe that their symptoms are actually diseases, and by suppressing or removing the symptoms, the diseases would vanish along with them.
If medical doctors are not the ones we can turn to for true assistance and enlightenment in our quest for health and healing, could perhaps medical researchers bring us the answers we seek? This is just as unlikely. Most researchers are hired and sponsored by large drug corporations whose main interest lies in subduing and eliminating the symptoms of disease, not the disease itself. The main motivating force behind today’s health care system, or shall I say, sickness care system, is the incessant need or greed to amass money, power and control. The desire to help humanity to achieve health and vitality is shared only by those doctors and health practitioners who have genuine love and compassion for their fellow human beings.
The symptom-oriented approach of treating disease generates a tremendous number of potential symptomatic side effects that, in turn, require further treatment. Since none of the chosen treatment modalities is cause-oriented, there are bound to be continuously escalating complications in the future. This guarantees that there will always be enough patients that need medical attention and medical insurance. This trend, of course, will continue only for as long the masses remain ignorant of their potential self-healing abilities.
As already mentioned, it is not in the interest of the medical industry, including the pharmaceutical companies, to find a real cure for cancer or any other chronic illnesses, for this would make the treatment of disease symptoms obsolete. Removing the cause (s) of an illness almost never requires a separate approach that deals with the symptoms of the illness, for these would disappear on their own. Unless used for emergencies, costly methods of medical intervention, such as allopathic drugs, complex diagnostic procedures, radiation and surgery are not only unnecessary, but they also deceive the patients and are potentially harmful to their health. At least 900,000 people die each year in the United States alone because of side effects caused by these symptom-suppressing, alleviating approaches. This is not to say that this is entirely the fault of the medical system. As long as people do not take responsibility for themselves, their physical and emotional health, and their dietary habits and lifestyle, so long will we have such a dangerous system in place. There are millions of people who experience devastating consequences resulting from medical treatments that are not warranted at all. Cancer patients, for example, tend to experience the most traumatic side effects because of the highly invasive nature of the treatments involved. The standard treatments for cancer are not meant to heal, but to destroy. The potential benefits of these treatments are not only questionable but also, according to one of the most comprehensive documented studies, non-existent.

Taken from my latest book, "Cancer Is Not A Disease -- It's A Survival Mechanism"

Andreas Moritz

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No solid science, risks are unknown, benefits are not studied enough   by #56153   19 year 1 of 2 (50%)

Alternative Cancer Therapies are not studied enough, and risks are unknown.
Risks associated with interaction with other medicine are also often unknown.
Alternative Cancer Therapy may have adverse effect when used as complementary to chemo therapy or radiation or surgery or as complementary to any other cancer therapy accepted as the standard of care.

For a doctor to approve a therapy that is not accepted as the standard of care, he/she must be sure that the therapy will not cause more harm then good. As Alternative Cancer Therapies are not studied enough, there is no scientific proof that therapy will not cause more harm then good, and in that case, doctor must advise against, or he/she may risk loosing his license to practice medicine, or even being jailed. Doctors supporting use of Ozone therapy, Black salve and Pancreatic Enzymes in USA have often been jailed and harassed by the FBI, FDA, local law enforcements agents, and medical boards!

Imagine you are a doctor, you invested many years of hardest work into your education. Would you risk all that just to let your patient try some unproven therapy?

Another problem is that most doctors are thought (from the first day of their medical school) that alternative medicine is quackery, and that if any natural therapy really worked, it would have already been accepted as standard of care and it would have been thought in his medical school.

In other words, your doctor believe that he have already learned everything he should know about diseases and therapies. If he doesn't know about alternative therapy, it means it is not worth trying.

Unfortunately, your doctor only learned about highly expensive therapies, patented therapies and patented drugs and procedures like medications with plenty of side effects - those ones that drug companies want him to know about.

Not all doctors are against!

Some doctors have knowledge and courage to try what other doctors are afraid of.

In his book, Dr. Atkins "Health Revolution", he says, "I can never go back to practicing orthodox medicine. I know it is too limited; there are too many areas it cannot enter. There are too many people it cannot help. Orthodox medicine is not to be discarded; it is simply to be added to. Once a physician knows what the additions can do, his ethics will not allow him to withhold them."

Dr. Atkins treats cancer with "kitchen sink complementarism ," which means using everything that he can think of in the way of health enhancers, immune stimulants, and enabling agents. He states, "The more alternative treatments I and my team of doctors had to draw on, the more were the successes of our patients." But it isn't possible to make intelligent choices in cancer therapy without having the best available information on all approaches—including alternative therapies.

Each year thousands of Americans leave the United States to seek therapies that are not available in the country for serious life-threatening conditions like cancer and AIDS. Many of the medications that they receive are not approved by the FDA for use in the U.S.

Some patients bring back substantial quantities of these drugs with them or have them shipped to the U.S. by mail. It is estimated that more then 80% of cancer patients is using one or several Alternative Cancer Therapies.

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corruption   by alinc   9 year 1 of 2 (50%)

There's several reason.  1) The FDA is in bed with big Pharma. (Everyone should be able to see this by now just by living and looking around.  America is only getting sicker.), which mean that the govt program that is put in place to look out for the best interest of the people, has lost it's vision on what it's purpose is.  They've lost their way 2)The entire medical establishment in the USA is not designed to help people get well from illness. Medicine that strays from the norm, is viewed as a hoax, not supported or encouraged by the doctors' colleagues, is too risky to even touch due to all the rules, regulations, policies enforced ect.  The other reasons i'll mention are all due to #1 btw  3) Doctors have no education on any other medicine besides the traditional western school of thought pertaining to treating disease. Doctors only focus on treating the symptoms with the use of patented drugs.  Drugs are backed by "scientific" clinical trials.  These pieces of nonsense from the drug companies give the doctors' that will be prescribing it, confidence that it will alleviate the symptoms.  Why the "scientific"?  Because a lot of the published drug studies are not actually as it reads.  Some tamper with the actual data to make the results favorable to the ones they are hoping to see... for example:  not reporting adverse reactions honestly, not stating in the publication how many people dropped out of the study and why, ect.   I just read recently, that if the FDA has to inspect the trial site or the records and find serious inconsistencies in the publication to that of what they actually find -  hence, essentially changing the validity and accuracy of the original publication.  The FDA has no system in place so that the public knows of this information.  I guess they don't feel it's important for someone takig a certain medication to know about all the factors (risks/benefits). 4) People might actually get better.  Someone said this quote "one person cured is one customer lost"...  So true and very unfortunate, but sums up the reason why alternative medicine isn't accepted.  

I hope this helps you understand better.  Once you really grasp the first point I made, you'll direct your energy and time on finding the kind of people that can actually help you with what you are looking for.  Until then, you'll keep hitting dead ends.  Doctors have gotten to be like carbon copies of each other and it's not even by choice.  It's very difficult to find what you are looking for in a busted medical system, but the good news is that there's people that are out there that want to help the sick get their health back.  Their determination is too fierce to be silenced.       

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Proactive Life Style   by godshealth   14 year 1 of 2 (50%)

Doctors are the gateway to drugs-they stop or interrupt the disease but never stop the (Underline Cause).

Pharmaceutical Medicine is design to be more potent, to work faster than natural remedies.

The one thing they have over natural remedies is that they are patentable & make billions & billions of dollars from the Manufacturing of these drugs.
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