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Kidney Cleanse

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A therapy aimed at dissolving kidney stones and improving kidney health   by #56153   19 year 1 of 1 (100%)

A kidney cleanse is a procedure aimed at dissolving kidney stones - stones formed inside kidneys. kidney cleanse can also be used for improving kidney health by flushing out toxins accumulated inside kidney tissues.

There are many different kinds of Kidney stones. Sometimes, it can take days to dissolve them, sometimes it can take months. Sometimes, water is enough, sometimes, you may need several different remedies.

Crystals form in urine from various salts that build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. Eventually these crystals become large enough to form stones in the kidney (called nephrolithiasis).

Such salts may include calcium oxalate, uric acid, cystine, or xanthine.† These salts can become extremely concentrated under certain circumstances: if the volume of urine is significantly reduced (chronic thirst and dehydration); or if abnormally high amounts of crystal-forming salts are present (infection).† When concentration levels reach the point at which the salts no longer dissolve, they precipitate out and form crystals.

Stones may also form in the ureter or the bladder. The salts that form these stones are made up of combinations of minerals and other chemicals, some of which are derived from a person's diet.

How to prevent kidney stones?

Drink Water, eat mellons, cleanse your kidneys, avoid dehydration, avoid coffee, avoid chocolate, avoid industrial products, improve your diet, improve your lifestyle ...

Read more about kidney stones here

Signs and symptoms of kidney stones and poor kidney health

Lower back pain, kidney pain, edema ("water holding"), like lungs edema, arms edema, legs edema, abdomen edema, blood in urine,† ...

It takes a lot of liquid to "wash" the inside of your body. Taking it in the form of juice or herbal teas can give you some extra benefits and extra enjoyment, if you learn to make them with variations - especially if you need to produce a gallon of urine a day!

Any edema or "water holding", whether in lungs, arms, or abdomen, also requires strengthening of kidneys with† kidney cleansing.

Main symptom of kidney stones is a pain in the lower and middle back (kidney area, or spine), but as that pain can be excruciating, some people may feel the pain in different parts of their body.

There are hundreds of herbal recipes, and many different homeopathic remedies used for cleansing kidney stones.

According to the first hand experience, the best recipe is Edgar Cayce 's:

For more info please read messages on Kidney Cleanse Forum

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Glutathione and the Kidneys   by #134141   13 year 1 of 2 (50%)

The kidneys are the "waste removers" of the body. The Kidneys work to keep the blood clean and chemically balanced. They are an essential companion to the liver. If you think of the liver as the washing machine of the body, cleasing it of damaging toxins before they enter the bloodstream, the kidneys are sort of like the filter on the dryer removing the waste products that build up in the blood and expel it as urine.

The kidneys are twin organs that reside on either side of the backbone. They only account for roughly 0.5 percent of the total weight of the body, yet they receive 20 to 25 percent of the arterial blood pumped by the heart. Each kidney also contains about one million nephrons. Neprhons are, in fact, the basic structural and functional unit of the kidneys that filter about 200 quarts of blood every day. Two of these quarts are removed from the body through the urine and the other 198 quarts are then recovered.

One thing you can do to give your kidneys the proper support is cut back on sodium. Cutting out fast foods and foods high in salt and fat is a good place to start. Salty and greasy foods can raise blood pressure, which can affect your kidney's ability to properly cleanse your blood. Drink plenty of water and juices. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables--especially dark fruits like cranberries prunes, and plumbs which are high in antioxidant content.

GLUTATHIONE: The Kidney's Ultimate Detoxifier

As with other organs of the body, antioxidant activity--particularly glutathione--plays a vital role in the kidneys. The kidneys are not unique in that oxidative stress, resulting from free radical activity, leads to problems of various kinds.

According to one researcher, kidney (or renal) toxicity is often caused by "exposure to heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead. Studies have shown that the body detoxifies these substances primarily through glutathione-related enzymes. these glutathione enzymes have distinct distribution along the nephron in the kidneys, making them central to kidney detoxificaiton and function.
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"Mans Health v.s Gods Health"   by godshealth   14 year 1 of 3 (33%)

Whether we believe in God or not, the truth is that Gods way has always seem to make sense. The Myth that the Pharmaceutical Industry are in the Business of Health & Healing, No!- They are in the business of Disease maintenance & symptoms management they are not in the business to cure cancer, Alzheimer, heart decease.

If they were they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business!


So what is a optimal proactive solution to help support our well-being in life? One thing I know for sure, if we don't do our diligence that we will surely fail in our efforts in accomplishing just that.

If you don't do anything else! at least look at this, I did "GLUTATHIONE" the Most Powerful & Key Antioxidant related to many underline causes.

Thank You.
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