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Could chest and neck rush be caused by toxic bowel?

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Nervous rashes   by #61735   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)

I get nervous rashes on my neck and chest at the slightest sign of stress, anxiety or from alcohol and caffeine. You wear your feelings on your sleeve basically.

I have read many, many entries on another site from people with the same problem, but have only ever heard of there being a far too drastic an operation to cure what was described as an adrenalin rush.

I am a sensitive person and this adds to the prob, but I am addressing it by cleansing my system (at moment with better diet,more water, exercise and Oxypowder )working on the idea of eliminating toxins and poisons in the blood and digestive system, so that it can cope with these diseases.
This is because I also get other symptoms and skin problems like acne, Psoriasis of the scalp,low energy.
So far it's helping me to feel much more in control of this condition.
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