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Alternative Medicine Survey Results
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New Survey Questions (25) 
43 "Cure"? Have you experienced any "cure" during your experiences with alternatice health care? Any physical symptoms or ailments that disappeared after any or all cleanses or fasts? Answer the question with yes or no. If yes, then please select all symptoms or ailments that apply.   18 year ago
20 How long do you plan to practice alternative health modalities?   18 year ago
42 How do your friends and Family react to your alternative health practices?   18 year ago
41 How willing are you to share your experiences with alternative medicine?   18 year ago
40 Do you believe herbal formulas are as healing as synthetic drugs?   18 year ago
39 Have you ever used natural herbal formulas to replace prescription or OTC medicines?   18 year ago
38 What medications have you continued to use since turning to alternative health and healing practices?   18 year ago
37 What over the counter or prescription medicines have you used the most in the period before becoming interested in alternative healing? Try to remember medicines taken frequently in childhood as well as adulthood.   18 year ago
36 What foods do you believe are the healthiest when they are organic?   18 year ago
35 Do you believe organic food is worth the higher price?   18 year ago
34 Where do you purchase your organic foods?   18 year ago
33 Do you purchase organic foods, if yes how much (percentage)?   18 year ago
32 How far must you travel to the nearest health food store?   18 year ago
31 Where do you purchase your supplies and supplements?   18 year ago
30 Do you prefer to buy pre-packaged cleanses or purchase your own individual supplies?   18 year ago
29 How much money do you usually spend per month when doing specific cleanses or fasts?   18 year ago
27 If time, money and travel were no object, which alternative health care professional would you like to see on a regular basis?   18 year ago
28 If you do see a professional alternative health practitioner, does he or she support you doing self experimentation-IE cleanses recommended on Curezone?   18 year ago
26 Do you see a professional practitioner of alternative medicine?   18 year ago
25 What cleanse or fast was most beneficial in helping you lose weight and keep it off for six months or more?   18 year ago
24 Did you initially lose weight only to rapidly regain it? If yes, then how long did it take to gain most of it back?   18 year ago
23 Did you experience any permanent weight loss in any of the cleanses or fasts you did?   18 year ago
22 Did losing weight play a part in any or all of the cleanses or fasts you tried?   18 year ago
21 Are you overweight?   18 year ago
19 Has your life philosophy or the way you look at life in general changed since you became involved in alternative health?   18 year ago
26 Date Of Birth
27 Gender (Sex)
28 Country where you live?
29 Ethnicity
30 The highest educational level achieved?
31 Religion
32 Smoking Habits
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