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Mirena IUD Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
5  Have you exeperienced any health benefits while having Mirena IUD?
1 Yes (please explain) 21 of 74 28%
1884  no period    16 year ago  
2422  The reason Mirena became an option to me was because of excessive bleeding and it has been a few months. The beginning 2 months was kind of rough with the bad cramps and off and on heavy bleeding with spotting in between. But all in all it turn out well I just had patience and it is the best thing that ever happened to me.    16 year ago  
4171  I have endometriosis and although I still have symptoms and pain, I do believe it would be much worse if I didn't have the mirena IUD    14 year ago  
4454  lighter periods    14 year ago  
4600  The only health benefit is that during the one year I had the Mirena, my husband and I did not get pregnant, which was important to us. But the other side effects were horrible, so it's painful to admit this one "benefit"...    13 year ago  
5171  Well I havent gotten pregnant.    12 year ago  
5447  After the initial bleeding for 2 months everyday, I have only spotted a few times...just don't know when.    12 year ago  
5603  No periods :)    11 year ago  
5649  I am a raw activist. this was the first foriegn object in my body. I do not take meds or any kind unless herbal.

Over that period of time i developed a thyroid issue and chronic fatqiue    11 year ago
5968  No or weak periods.    10 year ago  
6020  I used to be so stressed out that I was pregnant, and now I'm not!    9 year ago  
6095  Heavy bleeding, headaches, no energy, weight gain, tender breasts    9 year ago  
6210  no period    9 year ago  
6228  I have endometriosis and it cured my pain    9 year ago  
6231  not being pregnant    9 year ago  

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