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Why is my doctor against Alternative Cancer Therapies?
Knowledge Base > Cancer > Alternative Cancer Therapies
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No solid science, risks are unknown, benefits are not studied enough   by #56153   16 year 1 of 2 (50%)

Alternative Cancer Therapies are not studied enough, and risks are unknown.
Risks associated with interaction with other medicine are also often unknown.
Alternative Cancer Therapy may have adverse effect when used as complementary to chemo therapy or radiation or surgery or as complementary to any other cancer therapy accepted as the standard of care.

For a doctor to approve a therapy that is not accepted as the standard of care, he/she must be sure that the therapy will not cause more harm then good. As Alternative Cancer Therapies are not studied enough, there is no scientific proof that therapy will not cause more harm then good, and in that case, doctor must advise against, or he/she may risk loosing his license to practice medicine, or even being jailed. Doctors supporting use of Ozone therapy, Black salve and Pancreatic Enzymes in USA have often been jailed and harassed by the FBI, FDA, local law enforcements agents, and medical boards!

Imagine you are a doctor, you invested many years of hardest work into your education. Would you risk all that just to let your patient try some unproven therapy?

Another problem is that most doctors are thought (from the first day of their medical school) that alternative medicine is quackery, and that if any natural therapy really worked, it would have already been accepted as standard of care and it would have been thought in his medical school.

In other words, your doctor believe that he have already learned everything he should know about diseases and therapies. If he doesn't know about alternative therapy, it means it is not worth trying.

Unfortunately, your doctor only learned about highly expensive therapies, patented therapies and patented drugs and procedures like medications with plenty of side effects - those ones that drug companies want him to know about.

Not all doctors are against!

Some doctors have knowledge and courage to try what other doctors are afraid of.

In his book, Dr. Atkins "Health Revolution", he says, "I can never go back to practicing orthodox medicine. I know it is too limited; there are too many areas it cannot enter. There are too many people it cannot help. Orthodox medicine is not to be discarded; it is simply to be added to. Once a physician knows what the additions can do, his ethics will not allow him to withhold them."

Dr. Atkins treats cancer with "kitchen sink complementarism ," which means using everything that he can think of in the way of health enhancers, immune stimulants, and enabling agents. He states, "The more alternative treatments I and my team of doctors had to draw on, the more were the successes of our patients." But it isn't possible to make intelligent choices in cancer therapy without having the best available information on all approaches—including alternative therapies.

Each year thousands of Americans leave the United States to seek therapies that are not available in the country for serious life-threatening conditions like cancer and AIDS. Many of the medications that they receive are not approved by the FDA for use in the U.S.

Some patients bring back substantial quantities of these drugs with them or have them shipped to the U.S. by mail. It is estimated that more then 80% of cancer patients is using one or several Alternative Cancer Therapies.

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