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I have holes that run along the tonsils, food gets trapped in there and bacteria builds up. Is removal of tonsiles the only option?
Knowledge Base > Dentistry > Oral Surgery
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I had mine removed at aged 21   by Janey444   17 year 3 of 4 (75%)

It was the MOST PAINFULL proceedure I have ever had done. I still get sore throats and still get white pusy craters in the area where my tonsils once were. When they remove your tonsils it doesn't leave a nice smooth area there so I'm not sure it will help your cause.

Also if you sing or do anything where you use your voice alot I found my voice has never been quite the same and becomes very raspy quite often even now.

As for bad breath you can get antibacterial throat sprays which might help. Avoiding milk & cheese help too.

Hope this helps.
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