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Water Fast
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Do I need to take a laxative or enema to get rid of the toxi   by #182490   7 year 0 of 1 (0%)

Heyy so I will be doing a..30 day Water Fast I did shorter fasts in the past so I think my body could handle it only the problem is I was reading up on Water Fasting it it said I should take a laxative or a enema so the toxins won't get in my blood scream and kidneys now I'm a little worried I can't take those things cause I'm young and the only way I can get them if I ask my mom for them Now I'm not that young I'm almost 18 I'm a young adult I'm doing this fast for weight loss and cleansing I tried eating healthy but just end up binging on junk food I thought this fast would help me reset my body and I'll start craving whole healthy foods and not want to eat junk anymore I am really overweight i don't have a scale but I can tell I'm overweight by looking in the mirror (if you think I'm a over dramatic girl whose insecure you're wrong) I been a size 14/12 as long as I can remember and I'm just sick of it and I'm pretty petite too I'm short and pudgy I would love to be thin I really want this I want my life to change I don't want to cry in changing rooms because something dose not fit and is too small I want to be confident and beautiful but I can't with this body so in going have to fight for what I want I know this should be a short simple question I'm sorry I just need to rant Just please answer Thank you
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