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Flaxseed oil? Omega 3 : Omega 6 ratio? LNA, LA, EFA?
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Flax oil is not the answer   by #66379   18 year 2 of 7 (28%)

I know this is an old post,but you are mistaken about flax seed oil.

Flax seed oil does not contain omega -3 fatty acids. You are correct when you say it contains alpha linolenic acids.

these acids(linolenic acids) must be converted through an enzymatic process into Omega-3,the preferred EPa-DHa.

well a large part of the population lacks these enzymes for this conversion. And the elderly may lack them completely.

Flax is too high in 6. We get plenty of 6 in our diet. And wherever you got your info that we need 2 times more 6 than 3 is just srong. We neeed a litle 6 but we need more of the 3. 6 can promote inflammation,while 3 inhibits it..

Obviously a tablespoon a day of flax oil is not gonna do any harm. It just should not be your sole source of fatty acids.

why not just take fish oils where they are already Omega 3 Epa/Dha? there is no conversion needed. Plus they contain Vit A+D

Even Udo Erasmus the one who helped bring flax to the forefront of fatty acids has backed away from flax.

fish oils,fish oils,fish oils.
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