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   Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 21:21:28 +0100 (MET)
   From: Arnas Kupsys 
Subject: How I cured my psoriasis

A year ago I had about 80% psoriasis on my skin. Who has this desease
knows what does it mean. All the medicine I used helpet only
Then I decided that all these modern cures doest take efect on this
I began to search alternative ways.
Once I read a paper af one old chineese method of clearing the body of
various toxins and curing it from the inside. I tried it and got good
results. Psoriasis disapeared in about one month (in hard places like
knees, elbows, etc... it took about 6 months), but now the results are
good. I still have psoriasis on the scalp, but it is not so intensive.
Besides now I'm not so frequently practicing this method. I want to
you that during the period I'm using the method I didn't follow any
I gave up all cures from doctors and lived very active life. But it
So this is the method:

Oil sucking
Simply take one spoon of sunflower, arachis or any other vegetable oil
into your mouth. And suck it like a candy (not very hard) about 15-20
minutes. The theory says that while sucking the oil all the toxins from
the body are absorbed by oil. After the procedure spit the oil out and
wash the mouth with a water. Do not swallow the oil. The oil after
procedure must be white color and sparse like a milk.
Then starting to use this method the disease can come into little peak,
this shows that it began to improve. After some time the symptoms began

I did the procedure 3 times a day and in three months had acellent
results. My psoriasis almost disappeared. After another 3 months it
disappeared on the knees and elbows. Now I do the procedure less than
a day. I still have psoriasis on my scalp. But it is not so intensive as

This method helped me to return to my common way of life. I do not
need any oinments and cures and it costs me nothing.

Try this and share the results with me this is very important to me how
this method works for other people.
Please send your comments and questions to:


                        Mr. Arnas Kupsys

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