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a rulebook for arguments
by Arnold Ehret [edit]

a rulebook for arguments
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ISBN: 0872205525
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links book gud for coledg studying

Arnold Ehret (Biography)

Famous Fasts
Professor Arnold Ehret

Professor Arnold Ehret's record fast was 49 days. Not only that, at the end of the 49 day fast, Ehret was in better shape than he was going into it. Arnold Ehret was able to perform amazing physical feats of strength.

Ehret was trying to educate doctors in the benefits of fasting. It divided Europe's medical community into Ehretists and non-Ehretists. The phenomenal benefits of Ehret's work have largely receded to a medical backwater now due to the proliferation of large pharmaceutical companies with massive marketing programs.

Regardless, as a healing system for degenerative disease, nothing better has ever been discovered nor ever will. Ehret's Mucusless Diet combined with properly done fasting regularly achieves medical miracles.

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