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Designer Cancer Killers And Orange Wunder
by Deanna Loftis RN BBA [edit]

Designer Cancer Killers And Orange Wunder
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 1603833486
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Deanna's 3rd book will tell you exactly what happened when her close family member was recently diagnosed with a stage IV inoperable cancer and chose to undergo chemo. Determined that he would not become yet another terminal cancer statistic like loved ones she has lost in the past to chemo and radiation, she first sought God in prayer, then used items from her first two books to develop 3 super nutritional formulas to help him totally recover from this devastating disease; delicious, tasty, God-inspired natural formulas that anyone can quickly mix and drink for not only cancer, but other ailments as well. Her step-by-step formulas, especially her Orange Wunder Formula, will help you boost your body's immunity and help kill your cancer and fight other diseases and ailments as well. Her newest book is available at her website at or at online bookstores such as (U.S.), (Canada), (United Kingdom),, and many others.

Deanna Loftis RN BBA (Biography)

Deanna  Loftis, RN, BBA, is the author of three books on alternative healing for cancer. After losing 3 family members to conventional cancer treatment, she began studying natural cures, a quest that covered several years and resulted in her first book, Painless Cancer Cures, which was recently updated under the name GENTLE CURES For TOUGH CANCERS. It is one of the most up-to-date comprehensive books on the most effective, current natural, non-toxic cures for the prevention and treatment of existing cancers. Her newest book, just released: DESIGNER CANCER KILLERS & ORANGE WUNDER, describes what happened when a close family member was diagnosed with a Stage IV, inoperable, terminal cancer, and the amazing, delicious formula that she believes God inspired her to develop that helped him totally recover from this devastating disease. It incorporates some of the ingredients found in her prior books.  It truly is a miraculous story describing an amazing step-by-step healing miracle, and also contains the testimonies of many other people cured of cancer using natural, non-toxic remedies. Deanna's new books can be found at her website: or, or you can find them at, (US), (Canada), (The United Kingdom and other European and Asian countries). Her books will also help those who are fighting CROHN's Diseaes, liver diseases, migraines, arthritis, IBS, ADHD, ADD, bacterial and viral infections, migraines, infertility, menopausal problems, circulatory disorders, CAD, COPD, CHF, Lupus, fibromyalgia, MS and many other ailments and disorders. 



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