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Pain banishment, not pain management ~ even when nothing else works ~
by Donald Rhodes [edit]

Pain banishment, not pain management ~ even when nothing else works ~
***** 5 Stars!
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A “must-have” item for anyone in chronic pain, PAIN BANISHMENT, NOT PAIN MANAGEMENT ~EVEN WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKS ~ is a fast-read book designed to introduce those in pain to a unique therapy. For years, this drugless, non-invasive treatment system has offered a solution to long-term chronic pain sufferers for whom nothing else has worked. Their desperate, last attempt for relief lay in traveling to South Texas to a doctor they typically learned about from word of mouth. Most arrived in various extreme conditions, such as in wheel chairs, on heavy-duty drugs, with implanted morphine pumps, with purple, swollen limbs, and in agonizing pain. Some had escaped from doctors suggesting amputation.

Skeptical but willing to try almost anything, they were in for a surprise. Dr. Donald Rhodes tested them as no one else before him had, with machines that gauged their pain level. Finally, someone could objectively assess their agony. In addition, this doctor truly understood their misery from the inside. He, himself, had suffered from RSD and had put himself into remission. Best of all, he treated not just their symptoms, but also the underlying cause of their chronic pain.

PAIN BANISHMENT, NOT PAIN MANAGEMENT consists of three parts. Part One takes you on Dr. Rhodes’ fascinating journey from his first pain patient, who suffered from RSD, through his development of a unique treatment plan that restored the patient to health. From there he has successfully treated an array of other chronic pain conditions as he has refined his techniques. More than 90% of patients respond to his treatments, the majority of whom eventually becomes pain free, always his ultimate goal. His latest goal is to make his treatments available in the future to hometown doctors everywhere.

In Part Two, several patients from among the thousands that Dr. Rhodes has successfully treated tell their own stories. If you suffer from chronic pain, you will recognize yourself in their accounts of baffled health care personnel confronted with a pain syndrome conventional medical science has yet to unravel. And you will be encouraged by these patients’ words when they sing the praises of Dr. Rhodes, “The Miracle Man” who gave them back their life.

Part Three consists of a technical explanation of the basic causes of chronic pain, a clinical study using Dr. Rhodes’ methodology, a list of references that guided Dr. Rhodes in his early development of his treatment system, and four pages of patient paperwork used in his clinic.

This book exists due to the urging of Dr. Rhodes’ patients, who kept begging for a book about him so others could learn about this fantastic doctor and benefit from his treatments. They also wanted him to receive the recognition he so richly deserves.

PAIN BANISHMENT, NOT PAIN MANAGEMENT will be followed by a second book. It will deal with other debilitating conditions which Dr. Rhodes has successfully treated and for which he is seeking funding for clinical studies.

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     An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In 1992 Dr. Donald Rhodes embarked on a path that would change his career and his life and would offer hope to these sufferers. His quest began after one of his patients developed RSD, a nerve pain so excruciating and impossible to treat at the time that sufferers often committed suicide.

     When Dr. Rhodes learned that no treatment existed to help his patient, who was deteriorating, he set out to devise his own methodology. He conducted extensive research, used his brilliance to tie together myriad bits of information into a cohesive plan, and cobbled together multiple approaches that put his first patient into remission. Word spread, and others came to him for help, most from out of state and some from as far away as England, the Netherlands, and Australia.

     Over time, Dr. Rhodes continued his research and learned a great deal about RSD and its related ailments, all of which responded to his treatments. He refined his approach to treating chronic pain until he distilled most of his methods into one machine. With this machine, he provides electro-magnetic stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system. This process causes the body to create its own curative substances, which normalize the nerves and put pain into remission. It treats not just the symptoms of pain but also the underlying cause.

     Perhaps most impressive is the fact that most of Dr. Rhodes' patients typically find him only after spending enormous sums of money looking for relief. In addition, almost all of them have endured failed therapies and operations, nerve blocks, heavy doses of narcotics including morphine, and treatments that have made them worse, not better. In fact, some have reached him on the verge of death. Yet, when all else has failed, his treatments have worked. Over ninety percent of his patients respond to his treatments, and a large percentage of those become pain free.

     In this book, you will read Dr. Rhodes' fascinating story of how he got started, what he has learned, and what he visualizes for the future in the area of pain banishment. You will also read patients' chilling accounts of their early, desperate attempts to find an effective treatment. Then you will learn how they got their life back when they found the only doctor with the answer to their prayers, Dr. Rhodes.

     Included in this account are photographs, charts, and graphics to give you a glimpse into the world of RSD and other chronic pain treatments at Dr. Rhodes' clinic. Finally, you will find more technical information explaining the rationale for Dr. Rhodes' methods. This information will be of interest to medical care providers who know nothing about this revolutionary approach to taming chronic pain.

     One of the most exciting aspects of Dr. Rhodes' work is the next step in his ever-evolving enhancements of his methodology. He has devised a system to provide treatments via the internet for individuals with less complicated pain syndromes. Doctors all over the world who network with his clinic will be able to access patient care protocols so that many patients can be treated in their local communities.

     If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain, you will definitely want to read this book. It will open to you a world you didn't know existed, a world where a pioneering doctor on the forefront of what will surely start a medical revolution is offering you a unique treatment that you have to experience to believe in it.

     When skeptical patients go to Dr. Rhodes as a last resort and leave restored to health, they become cheerleaders for the doctor that many of his patients call The Miracle Man.

Donald Rhodes (Biography)


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