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Fragments of Reality - Daily Entries of Lived Life
by Peter Cajander [edit]

Fragments of Reality - Daily Entries of Lived Life
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ISBN: 0595375227
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Is it possible to achieve inner peace in the midst of our hectic daily lives? Through small insights, Fragments of Reality shows us how to live the busiest external life possible but still maintain internal harmony and peace at all times.

Author Peter Cajander has the exceptional talent to capture the essence of life and convert it into wisdom that speaks the language of our hearts and souls. He points out how our own beliefs and assumptions create confusion and hardship by discussing topics such as:

Belief systems that define who we are and how we interpret the world

- Life and death

- Meditation techniques

- Our feelings and emotions

- The subjective phenomenon of reality

- And much more

Fragments of Reality is all about life. It reveals concrete and easy-to-understand examples of how our mind plays tricks on us and prevents us from seeing our true harmonious and peaceful existence. It also shows us the reality of life that we can all experience and explore even in the busiest metropolis of the world. Through his artful prose, Cajander details his exploration for harmony and tranquility that everyone can have.

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Peter Cajander (Biography)

Peter Cajander has practised self-realisation and meditation since his early years. Cajander has an extensive international experience of living and working in multicultural environments and countries around the world. He lives a fast-paced Western-style life, with interests ranging from quantum physics to business strategy, jazz, and modern art. 


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