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The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
by Jennifer Stark [edit]

The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
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Anyone feeling symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, or stress will be interested to learn of a newly launched book, ‘The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome’, which describes how poor breathing patterns can be seriously detrimental to our health. This fascinating book explains in layman’s terms the inherent dangers of a continually stressful lifestyle, its inevitable links to low body carbon dioxide levels which leads to hyperventilation and the resulting damage to well being. Aimed more specifically at the alarming increase in the number of people who are diagnosed with asthma, sleep apnoea, panic attacks, and hay fever - all breathing related problems - ‘The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome’, offers a clear insight into the remarkable world of the Buteyko Method which offers sufferers a way to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and to regain control of a healthy lifestyle through adopting a series of simple but formally taught breathing exercises.

Jennifer Stark (Biography)

Based in Brisbane, authors Jen and Russell Stark are teachers of the Buteyko Method, a complementary health treatment to which thousands of people worldwide owe life-changing results. For anyone considering taking a Buteyko course, ‘The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome’ is extremely helpful in explaining some of the mystery surrounding this technique. Russell comments “While we all know that breathing is vital, few of us are aware of the importance of correct breathing and, more importantly, the harmful effect on our bodies caused by hidden hyperventilation, a condition that frequently goes undetected in medical and physiological check ups.”

Jen and Russell Stark became interested in the Buteyko Method after both Russell and his son attended a course in Brisbane 11 years ago. Both suffered from asthma and wished to counteract its deterioration. The impact of the exercises was immediate and Russell was ultimately so impressed that when he was approached by Buteyko trainers to ask him if he’d like to teach the Buteyko Method he not only signed up

for himself, but for his wife too. The couple haven’t looked back and have now had 10 years of Buteyko Method teaching experience, ‘helping thousands of people restore their lives to normality’. Not only have they run regular courses but

their enthusiasm has led to their involvement in numerous clinical trials. Furthermore, as international recognition of the Buteyko Method has increased so has the demand for courses and Jen and Russell have set up an organisation to train new teachers worldwide.


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