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Curing Eczema
by Adrianna Holman [edit]

Curing Eczema
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 1874581606
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The author suffered severe eczema since childhood and had exhausted top allergists and dermatologist, who finally declared her incurable.  Unable to face a lifetime of steroid pills or injections, she decided to find her own cure.  This led her on a twenty year search trying different diets, herbs, topical creams and eventually homeopathy.  Using a combination of all her experiences she was able to finally cure her eczema.  'Curing Eczema' gives you the tools to find your own solution using homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, creams and diet guidelines. 

Adrianna Holman (Biography)

A Registered Homeopath in London, Adrianna overcame her own severe eczema using a combination of homeopathy, herbs, dietary changes and lifestyle improvements.  Her book 'Curing Eczema' gives you the tools to finding your own natural cure, as each individual has different needs.  The book costs  £2.50 and you can order directly from her website (requires flash) or 


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