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Beauty to Die for: The Cosmetic Consequenc
by Judi Vance [edit]

Beauty to Die for: The Cosmetic Consequenc
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Book Description
If you use any cosmetics you may be more at risk than you could imagine. Beauty to Die For is shocking, thought-provoking and rock solid in its research. This landmark book reveals the deathtraps in the cosmetics that we unwittingly use in our daily lives. It details the devastating toll that modern industry and government knowingly exact on the health of men, women, and children - and may sound the death knell for certain cosmetic industry practices. This book is a practical guide - an interactive tool - that teaches consumers how to shop safely and wisely. It translates the technical jargon into language that everyone can understand. It was written to help you identify the dangers in products you take for granted. Products you use everyday; products in which you put your faith and trust - yet these products threaten your very existence. This book not only illuminates the hazards, it provides sensible suggestions for creating a less toxic life.

Judi Vance (Biography)

Judi Vance is a speaker, author and publisher of the Cosmetic Health Report. She is an in-demand television and radio talk show guest. Her own hard-fought, emotionally harrowing journey back to health makes this book important reading for everyone interested in long-term good health. Her philosophy and story comes from experience. She is the country's leading crusader, demanding that cosmetics be brought out of their self-sanctioned immunity and reevaluated by way of long-term human studies. "Science doesn't have all the answers," says Vance. "There's no scientific agreement on what tests can correctly determine whether someone's immune or nervous system, or genes have been damaged. Nor is there a consensus on what constitutes a safe level of exposure. Reproductive, developmental and genetic damage is a non-threshold event and the only safe dose is zero. Until, we know the answers to these baffling questions, avoidance is probably our antidote." 

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