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The process of how I decided to juice fast again after successfully completing an 8 day fast some five years ago.

Date:   8/14/2007 11:24:17 PM ( 15 y ago)

After suffering these past five months with various CFS/ME symptoms (brain fog, muscular aches, extreme tiredness, insomnia, and inability to do any vigorous exercise without being literally wiped out for days, I've decided to juice fast. It's taken a bit of a process to get here. In May, a friend suggested I get a vegetable garden again, since I used to have one many years ago. I got on a waiting list and in mid-June I got my 12 by 24 foot plot in a local community garden. I was doubtful about how much energy I would have to garden but I knew that growing vegetables would be a positive step for me somehow. I spent many hours and a few dollars getting the raised beds set up. By the third week in June, however, I had some seedling transplants in the ground and off we went. That was the first step.
Sometime in July, I also by chance ran into an old friend who I used to know from the previous community gardens I belonged to years ago. We got to talking about health concerns, the dubious value of the medical establishment, and my chronic fatigue. We spent several afternoon talking and eating fresh veggie salads with produce from my new garden. The conversating finally got around to juice fasting. My friend did not know that I had undertaken an 8 day juice fast some five years ago, and with excellent results. I shared about the difficulties of the first several days, the discomfort, the constant doubts about whether fasting would actually work or not. However, by day 6, I was completely energized and feeling better than I had in decades. It was truly amazing. However, I let that great health opportunity slip away and returned to my old, poor eating habits again. With that eventually the tiredness, the insomnia, depression, and a host of other symptoms.
So last week I decided to start a juice fast again, with a goal of 30 days if possible.


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