Day 1 by disturbance .....

The first day was harder than last time! Feel free to comment!

Date:   7/23/2007 2:26:28 PM ( 16 y ago)

Let's make one thing clear - I made this clearly more of a challenge for myself by not preparing properly. Just two days before the fast I attended a wedding and helped myself for a second piece of very sweet cake, and I didn't exactly get myself on much extra fluids at all prior to beginning.

So, on the first day I've obviously been more hungry and experienced more cravings than last time.

Against my initial plan I've allowed myself some "bad" food and too big portions in the last month and a half or so, with the excuse of me being in the middle of moving continents again, needing to leave friends, and therefore "needing" to eat according to the situation and not watch my diet so carefully. My boyfriend has, since my first fasting experience in January 2007, changed his views a bit towards my healthy habits, and I even got him to go through the Humaworm routine for the month! But there was no way of making him not feed me huge platefuls of meaty stuff and not being so picky if he promised to pay the restaurant bill! I'm the worse cook of us two, so I'm trying to be supportive and just tough it up if my boyfriend is kind enough to cook but makes the food his way. I can't have everything, right?

Upon returning to Finland mum was almost instantly with me when I suggested a juice fast, her having fasted several times previously, and now suffering from a lot of digestion-related problems. Last time I made all of my juices from scratch and took no extra nothing, but this time we decided to make it that little bit easier and bought a Vogel fast pack with some extra juices, plus some veggies to juice ourselves. So what's new this time is that I'm actually taking better-tasting (I didn't get a clever way to juice combining until the end of the fast) but, unfortunately, pastourised juices in smaller quantities than last time (in January I drank as much as I wanted and made more respectively, now the fasting pack contains five bottles for five days which, even diluted, sounds rediculously little to me!), and I'm also taking Molkosan, Cynara drops and fasting tea. I also took half of the enclosed dosage of epsom salts but I think it wasn't enough, as it didn't come out completely until this morning. I haven't tried the salt free stock yet.

Yep, so, so far so good, the surroundings are also different though. Last time I had just finished work so I had the week free to surf online and pack for me moving cities back then, but now I'm working long days in a rather demanding environment with much more responsibility on me and another person to supervise. However I think I prefer being out and about doing stuff and not being able to concentrate on not eating as much, although I did get quite tired today and had to take a nanna nap when I got home.

Another drawback is that although I did live with more people last time (5, and now 3 others) the kitchen wasn't the heart of the house and everyone went about their eating business as they wanted, and therefore it was very easy for me to go do my juice stuff when I wanted and keep out when I smelled someone was cooking. Now, the kitchen is definitely where we all gather, and the two people not fasting here are men and they've got all these lovely treats around the place really pushing me...! But the good things are that, being in Finland, we of course have a sauna which is just excellent thinking about doing a strict candida routine in the near future; the other thing is, that this time I've got mum fasting with me as support, so this time I won't have to get mad at a friend of a boyfriend for not understanding what I'm going through. :)


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