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Its been awhile since Iíve posted. A lot has been going on.

Date:   8/30/2007 3:13:32 PM ( 15 y ago)

Its been awhile since Iíve posted. A lot has been going on.

Physically, I feel okay. I havenít been staying on top of my yolk drink and it shows. I miss the energy boost. I didn't do my menstrual fast. Iím still amazed with how much my digestion has improved. It has never been this good. Movements everyday. Everything I ate is gone within 24 hours. Iím going on a hike this weekend. My dog gets at least 90 minutes of walking a day, which means I walk at least 90 minutes a day. I donít have a desire to train as hard as I used to. As of now, the hikes, walks with the dog and occasional runs should be enough to keep my weight steady until the Spring. I had a bit of a carb craving in the beginning of the week. But, I'm back to craving fruits (mainly grapes) and veggies.

I did a Egg Yolk Liver Flush this morning. No ES before it. It was a spur of the moment decision. My liver felt clogged (probably due to the carb & protein cravings). I had a glass of lemon water and a TBS or two of BSM to get things moving. Then an hour later, I drank a mixture of 3 egg yolks, 1TBS of sunflower oil and 3TBS of lime juice. I felt my liver contracted within 10 minutes of finishing it. By 12pm I knew I had to drink an ES cocktail, I felt like the toxins I flushed out were going to come up via vomitting. Iíve gone to the bathroom at least 4 times. There were stones. Green ones. Lime juice is better than orange juice re: getting out stones. The OJ got rid of gunk and some stones. But not like this. Iím going to continue this for 6 days. Then follow-up with my remainign Bio-K probiotics.

Emotionally, Iím getting over my relationship. Iím over him. Sometimes I get angry at myself for putting myself in that situation. It clearly wasnít right for me. That said, I have made an effort to make new friends. I was asked out on a date Saturday. I responded to a personal ad. We hit it off over the phone and he asked me out that night. We have our 2nd date tonight. Iím not looking to jump into anything anytime soon. But, I know what I want. Heís not like anything I ever dated before. Which is a good sign. My relationship with my family has improved. Iím going to go home for the first time in at least 2 years next month. I have a postive attitude about life and myself.

Mentally, I need to do a better job dealing with stress. I think being active again will make anything that comes my way in September easier to handle.

Over the weekend I will write up a monthly review.


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