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Week 2 begins today.

Date:   8/13/2007 5:56:38 AM ( 16 y ago)

Week 2 begins today. Below is my "meal plan" for the week.

Upon Rising: lemon water w/ baking soda (need to get the Ph back up; don't know what it is but I can sense its low based on a few things)
Breakfast: .5 cup of nut milk (brazil or walnut) with 1 yolk, blended w/1 piece of fruit, 1T Sun. Oil, 1T flax meal, 1T of brewer's yeast and 1t of wheat germ. Pre-workout (3-4 days a week - 1T of BSM taken separately)
Main Meal: Salad: 2 cups of raw spinach, 1 slice of goat cheese, 1 salmon cake, 2T of sliced natural almonds, 2T of diced dates, 2T of dressing, 4 yellow cherry tomatoes.
Evening: Hormonal Balance Drink - 1 cup of nutmilk, 1T of Flax Meal, 1T of VCO, 1t of cod liver oil
Bedtime: 1T of anpb
Water: 64 oz a day
Fast Day: 8/13/2007 (10:00pm will make 24 hrs of no food/non-water bev).

I don't have anything planned during the work week and its going to stay that way. I need to get in the habit of studying in the evenings. I have to pass this exam. Save the weekends for going out. I don't even have anything planned for Sat. night. On Sunday, I'm meeting my bookclub.

Physically, I feel okay. I'm a little blocked up. Nothing a little extra BSM won't fix. Due to the diet last week, I can tell my body has more mucous in it than I would like. Today (monday) is going to be a fast day for me. I'm almost out of lemon juice. I want to save that for my lemon water for drinks. I'm going to make the Moreless Drink and sip on that. I will also have parsley tea.

Goals for the week:
Lose 2lbs (CW TBA; GW: 115).
Run 10 miles.
Attend at least 2 yoga sessions.
Complete my bookclub book; begin reading the 1924 Pulitzer Prize Fiction Winner.
Purchase water distiller.
Call an old friend. Call a new friend. Call my brother.
Order/Purchase a bikini (if they are still available). I need a new suit. I'm finally comfortable with going to the pool. Last open weekend is Labor Day.
Continue planning next road trip.

Whole Foods Shopping List:
Senna Tea

Farmer's Market
Veggies: Depends on meal for the week.

I will provide a review of the week Sunday evening. I will be keeping separate notes. If something interesting happens to me physically, I will interrupt the flow of the blog with a post.


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