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It seems my soup is flushing me out. Which isn't a good thing.

Date:   8/7/2007 6:43:59 PM ( 16 y ago)

Okay, this rebuilding process is becoming a huge learning process.

It seems my soup is flushing me out. Which isn't a good thing. Before I get a message stating that my body "doesn't want the soup", it had NO problems with the Nathan's foot long hot dog I ate on Saturday. The one day fast didn't even flush me out like this. And I was perfectly fine last week probiotics (though I took too much in the beginning and that produced some interesting movements) and all, so its the soup. I believe the kale (lots of it), vidallia onions, garlic and non-salt seasoning is adding way too much potassium to my body. I didn't have any sea salt when I made it.

I think I'm eating too much of it (broth, kale, onions and one chicken thigh divided into two 12-16oz bowls). I assume I'm drinking at least 16oz or more of broth. The broth is delicious, but I think I need to cut back. I think one bowl is enough (kale, chicken, and broth). I'm roasting some red potatoes, hoping that will fill me up. Also, I'm adding sea salt to my water to deal with the Potassium/Sodium imbalance.

The flush isn't getting rid of what I ate the day of. Just whatever I didn't move out in the morning. So, at least the current meal is being digested and absorbed. Its like the broth runs right through me (I can see the Ms. Dash seasonings in the bowl, TMI, I know, I know). It occurs 90-120 minutes after eating. And stops within a hour. I have to make 2 trips to the bathroom. Everything sinks. Nothing is floating.

Tomorrow, I will have a red potato topped with raw veggies and pumpkin oil and only ten carrots as a snack. I'm meeting my friends for dinner tomorrow night; I know I will be eating a salad. I'm having a potato tonight. I'm skipping the kefir drink. Starting Thursday, just one bowl of soup, red potato as a separate meal, and 10 carrots & anpb (until I run out of soup - I hate to waste food), then the kefir drink in the evening.

I have to add I love my yolk drink in the morning. I read an interesting post by Aharleygirl re: juicing. I admit that the sugar in juice is a bit much. Right now, one piece of fruit is enough for me. I think I will turn the yolk drink into a fruit smoothie (fiber!!) using one yolk, fruit (one serving), nut milk, and some ice. I will test that out on Thursday.

On a side note, it looks like Sat. will be a cheat day again. I think the suishi group is meeting on Friday. I really prefer (and so does my body) to fast the day after a cheat day. We'll see.


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