Final Day until Rebuilding Phase by #71051 .....

Fasting Day . . . A day of rest.

Date:   8/5/2007 11:53:23 AM ( 15 y ago)

Yesterday, was an absolute blast. I'm looking forward to taking more day trips. As planned, I ate badly. It was my cheat day. My body is so tired from yesterday. I was up for 20hrs. I didn't have a good night's sleep and the heat in NYC was unbearable. I woke up at 7am, went back to sleep at 9:30am, and will likely head back to bed after I finish this glass of water.

Today I'm fasting on water, lemon water, MC lemonade and tea to give my digestive system a rest. As I mentioned on the 5th day, I will include one day fasts into my routine. They will occur after a cheat day. I will also fast during my menstrual as well. Those fasts will last between 2-3 days and will be all fruit. I started drinking liquids 5 hour sago and I've flushed out 3-4lbs of water (likely due to the Potassium from the lemon). Since I started moving into the rebuilding phase, I've noticed that my daily movement (due to eating one meal a day) comes out in one piece. It has the curvy shape that doctor on Oprah went into detail about.

I'm so glad I did all of my laundry and chores on Friday. All I have to do today is make my soup (chicken, kale, red potatoes and onions) and veggie snacks (celery w/ a cannelini bean "hummus"). I will start cooking after I wake up from my next nap. I will definitely be taking a hot bath ES & ACV bath tonight.

Final Update:
Well, I'm done cooking. I'm going to take a nap (yes, I know its 5:30, my dog will wake me up when he has to go out). I only had 24oz of lemonade here. I have to bring my supplies home from work. Since the lemonade will likely be used on a Sat. or Sun., there's no need for everything to remain there. I finished my cooking for the week. I have one bottle of Kefir left. I will use that for my hormonal balance drink. I decided to use probiotics for the 1st month of this rebuilding, however I will not continue on with the kefir when I'm done with the last bottle. At some point I will test out raw dairy. But, I have way too much food to justify going food shopping.


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