Day 1 Beginning of Juice Fast (June 10th) by Faraday2006 .....

A walk in the park... or beach ;)

Date:   6/11/2007 5:06:46 AM ( 14 y ago)

Yesterday was the first day of a two or three week Juice Fast.

Had some lax tea, then Orange Juice to start the morning off, was really nice.

Had a really nice day, spent a lot of it down the beach in the Sun. Its amazing how nature can bring the best out of us. After returning from the beach I was quite tired and was feeling low on Energy. Had some Juice as soon as I got in and it really lifted my morale along with my energy levels quite soon after.

The evening got a bit difficualt when I had to make some food for my Girlfriend, then to make things even worse I had go and get an Indian take away for my Parents, and then watch them consume it in front of me. This was challenging and I kept telling myself that tests like these will make me stronger and give me more will power to stick to the Juice fast. I had a vegetable broth whilst they ate the curry, it was delicious.

Had my laxative tea before sleep and slept soundly.


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