Day 1 by chopsticks .....

Not so bad, just looking forward.

Date:   5/24/2007 10:05:07 AM ( 15 y ago)


So today was my first day of my juicing journey. All has gone well, I had some strawberry and peach juice around lunchtime and some vegetable juice later in the evening, as well as a lot of water. I like just mixing anything and seeing what happens!
Also managed to get on a walk today to the supermarket and back. I went with my boyfriend who isn't fasting, he definitely doesn't need to either. He was buying his usual, bread, biscuits, eggs but it was grand because I'd eaten before we went and am still feeling focused. I'm motivated by getting back home and buying a pair of jeans, the ones in China are so small!
Haven't felt too hungry, although the day time is fine for me, it's the evenings when i want to sit down with some biscuits, the worst time to eat them too i think! I've been quite busy today too with work, but had a fun game of badminton in the afternoon. I say game, nothing so serious just a few short rallies! It's fun anyway! Any ideas for effective home exercising would be greatly received!
I think that's me for today, nothing too exciting or challenging, I'm sure that will change!



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