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I need to fast, to set my mind, body, and spirit free!

Date:   5/21/2007 11:02:11 AM ( 14 y ago)

My birthday's coming up and I need all the help i can get! i'm turning 18 and i'm 5'8" and i wiegh about 146 pounds, with much acne! i feel horrible i have a problem with bingeing! i eat everything in sight, throw up and then continue my cycle over again, i need to stop but i don't know how! i've read many websites and now i', going to try something new! i need as much support as i can get! PLEAE HELP i really need to fast and lose at least 18 pounds before graduation jun 14th, or else i can't fit into my gown, i was skinny when i ordered it for 130 pounds, but now i can't fit into it

Anyways today humm i ate so much and i just crave it, it's a mental thing and i wish it went away, i've tried to fast for a long time but it never seems to work, i start eating an apple, and then a banana, then veggies then a little bread which turns into candy and all sorts of junk? how do i stop myself, i'm just so weak emotionaly! i feel like the war with my mind, always seems to be winning! and laughing at me at the end. This is awful tommorrow i want to start fasting, only water, i want to win the battle! at least for once, that is my goal, i keep on telling myself that and i always end up going down to the fridge in the kitchen. NO not this time, but that's what i always say! I feel like i'm the only one out there with this sort of problem, i'm all alone, i wish someone could hlep!

signed a desperate student


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