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Well it is 4.45pm and I am a little hungry,

Date:   5/21/2007 1:47:12 AM ( 14 y ago)

Well it is 4.45pm and I am a little hungry, but it is bearable. Am meant to be moving overseas in July and just found out I did not get the position I wanted. Told one of my colleagues who offered me chocolate. Told her I was fasting (got a disapproving look).

Finished my paper for uni.

When I leave work, going to go hand it in and then head to the gym again. Plan on doing another aerobics class (1 hour) and then a weights class (1 hour). I am sure I can do the aerobics class, but not sure about the weights. Am surprised I am not really hungry and it kind of confirms that often we just eat out of habit as opposed to need.


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