not day 8, day 9!!! by love2bhealthy .....

not day 8

Date:   4/18/2007 11:50:07 AM ( 14 y ago)

Holy moly! i am a whole day ahead of what i thought i was! i made a calendar to mark off the days before i started my fast and since i have a little boy, things are always disappearing so i hadn't seen it for a while. i came across it in a pile of papers and i started on the 10th! that means i am on day 9 not 8 like i figured...its only one day but its one day closer to my goal. The longest fast i have been on has ended on day 10 so after that its uncharted territory for me but i am doing really good right now...uh oh, tommorrow is my birthday but i am going to do as chels30days says and think of it as my best birthday present i could give myself...i mean already losing 7lbs is a great present! and i feel wonderful so i won't let chocolate cake (if anyone gets me one, its going in their face! ha,ha) or a margarita (*sigh*) get me off track! i am committed and yes, one day ahead! so here is to day 9!


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