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Making Peace among Essene Leaders. I will plant that seed today at the Kindness Tree here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.

Date:   7/23/2007 1:49:13 PM ( 15 y ago)

11:31 AM
July 23, 07

I planted a seed with David Carmos
on Saturday.

David led the memorials to Dr. Garry White.
He was closer to Dr. White than I was.

The seed was that all the factions,
the leaders in Essene Thought that I know
would find peace within themselves to
come to peace among themselves.

I have held myself distant from David Carmos
for numbers of years.

I asked for forgiveness.

I was touched by his experience and tears
as he told his story of his imprisonment in Mexico
for more that five years.

He was arrested by the Mexico authorities
for having some kind of illegal substance.
He said he was innocent. He was later proved innocent.
Dr. White was an aid in helping to get his freedom
and he expressed his indebitness to Dr. White for his aid.

Deborah Szekely and Sarah Livia were at the
Memorial on Sunday.

This may have been the first time that Sarah Livia,
the daughter of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely met David.

I undertand that Deborah, through her political influence,
may have been an aid to the release of David as well.
This he told me.

Many of the books were given to Norma Jean Nilsson
by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

The earlier books remain in the lands of the
Szekely family.

I have not had contact with Norma for many years.
She was not on good terms with Dr. Garry White,
and there are no open lines of cocmmunication between her
and me.

I would like to remedy this.

I do not have a free flow of open communication with
other allies who were instrumental in the creation
of the Essene School of Thought Library, a body of information
that is housed here at the community where I live.
This is a long story.

Dr. White's ashes went to three places.
His wishes that some went under a fig tree
on Collier street, his former residence.

The fig tree he had in mind was no longer there.
Some of those ashes were buried by his family
under a lemon tree on that property.

A group visited there on Saturday after
a memorial at the Swedenborian Church.

The majority of the ashes were spread around
the gravesite of Edmond Bordeaux Szekly at
Rancho La Puerta.

I asked Polly for some of the ashes.
Polly was his longtime companion and helped
organized the memorial on Saturday.

A small bagful of the ashes
were buried under a fig tree here
at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community growing grounds.

Anna Varnell and I did that while Paris Bingo
sang the St. Francis Prayer.

Paris also sang the Saint Francis Prayer at
the memorial we did at the gravesite of Professor Szekely.

Deborah Szekely also cast a handful of ashes
at the gravesite of her sone Alex.

3:57 pm

September 23, 2010


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