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This is an adaptation of principles leading to The Essene Way to bring the Enchanted Garden down to Earth.

Date:   7/23/2007 1:17:07 PM ( 15 y ago)

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July 23, 07

This is from my morning studies
today. The following are adapted from "The Essene Way" by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

The booklet, written in MCMLXCIV
(1977?) is dedicated:

"I dedicate this Essene Way to the 500oth anniversary
of the Essene Teachings,
and to the Fifteeth Annivesary
of our modern Essene Renaissance."


What are our aims and principles?

1. We hold the view that it is possible for every human being,
by judicious use of the best available methods of health and individual
improvement, to better himself.

2. We hold the view that the worth of individuals determines the worth of societies and conditions the effectiveness public institutions.

3. We hold the view that every person owes a duty to himself,
to the community, and to the future of the race, to make his improvement
the essential task of his life.

4. We hold the viedw that achievement is in direct proportion to the efforts of each individual and that this work of improvement produces a sure gain
in happiness.

5. We hold the view that the surest guide in one's efforts to improve
himself is the study of the laws of nature and in faithful adherence to
what they prescribe.

6. We hold the view that human thought and humans will have considerable power, and that they should be used conscientiously in the service of good, that is to say, in the service of the force that leads
nature toward ever higher forms of manifestation.

7. We firmly believe that progress is irresistable, and that the triumph of beauty over ugliness, of truth over error, of good over egotism
and hatred, are certain.

8. We hold the view that expansive love, fraternity, and cooperation
are the only effective means of collective progress, and that nothing true, beautiful or good can be built upon hatred, revenge, party factionalism or oppression.

9. We hold the view that universal sympathy exists for every sincere
effrot to do good, even when it seems to be in opposition, and that the ways of realizing a better future are as numerous as are human temperaments.

10. We hold the view that by strengthening the good, we progressively get rid of the evil.


The above principles
lead us to bring the Enchanted Garden, a name for our renewed Earth, down to Earth.

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