Day 9 Raw by The Wanted .....

Jonesing for Taco Bell Quesadillas in the kitchen!

Date:   9/1/2007 3:52:15 PM ( 15 y ago)

The cravings definitely are not gone yet and probably won't be for quite a while!

I keep reminding myself that ANY food I crave that is bad for me will only give me a few seconds of pleasure for each bite while at the same time wrecking my body and therefore my life.

I had a smoothie this morning with wild dandelions again, and with some blueberries.

Now I'm having a sort of guacamole (without the seaweed).

Later I think I'll fix a chocolate bar to help me through this Taco Bell craving!!

No, I won't fix the cacao bar. It's just too much fat. My body doesn't want too much fat.

Update: Good news! The littlest member of the family decided to take all the quesadillas into the camper when they were packing up just now. His mom almost objected but then decided it was a good idea because otherwise they'll just go bad. Whew. I am so glad not to have to live with those quesadillas in the kitchen anymore!!!!!!!


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