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The last post before the end of my juice fast.

Date:   4/9/2007 7:24:30 AM ( 14 y ago)

This is my last entry before I complete my Lenten fast. Iím actually a little excited. Not just at the thought of being able to eat again, but because I think (Iím not sure) I have decided to eat meat again. I have been a pescatarian for the last 7 years. I have always said that vegetarianism is one of the best decisions Iíve ever made. But my inner self has said that it has run its course. It will always be there for me should I decide to return. And I donít plan on eating the amount of meat that I used to eat prior. Plus, I will still be fasting in my way.

Iím planning a liver flush this evening. I believe I need it. Not just for the stones, but for the cleansing bowel movements. I believe I have done a disservice to myself this fast by not doing SWF and/or enemas. I just couldnít bear it. Prior to the fast I suffered from diarrhea for 6 months. But I have been constipated for the last couple of days. The whole time I have been juice fasting, I have been having real bowel movements. The last few days my breath has smelled like a BM. My mom would say I need to take a laxative. And I would have too, if it wasnít for the before-mentioned problem. I have a lot to do tomorrow in preparation for Easter, I really shouldnít hem myself up with stone passing, but Iím going to have to. Especially for the binge Iím planning.

Next time: The wrap up. I sure hope my prior posts come back


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