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The modus operandum of Big Pharma and Multi-national foods.

Date:   12/13/2006 1:56:38 PM ( 15 y ago)

Some knowns and maybe for some people, unkowns.

1)The FDA and the FTC looks out for the interests of Multi-national Pharmaceudicals, not the people.

2) Big Pharma is a business. It's not in their financial interests to cure people. They cannot cure people, they would lose trillions of dollars.

3) The multi-national food companies are getting away with murder......Literally. The amount of processing and additives in the food, slowly kills.

Because of this information being spread to millions of people, Big Pharma puts up sites to try and discredit natural medicine, and any one exposing them.

Here's a very interesting read about the aspartame epidemic, (this stuff was found to cause cancer in lab rats) and the very loud  silence from Stephen Barrett from Quackwatch and David Emery who runs Urban Legends Web site at when asked to expose information about the dangers of aspartame.
Go here:

Mark my words Big Pharma is not the nice and cuddly entity they try to project in their commericals, in their ongoing attack on the american public. Watch commercials and count the number of Pharma commercials. It's sick and disgusting !

The side effect of these toxic chemicals of these drugs, many times are dangerous and in fact cause increased disease. The perfect Death-Business plan, for these parasites and leeches on humanity.
Green is going Global,
No matter how hard they try to stop it.....


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