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Being friends with Hunger

Date:   12/14/2006 6:47:40 PM ( 16 y ago)

I'm officially missing food. I just want to eat something. Its strange though if given the opportunity to eat anything at this moment it wouldn't be a plate of pasta or a sandwich, I'm craving food like peanut butter, cheese and coffee with whitener. As said many times before, as you progress, it just gets easier and easier not to eat. I think accepting hunger is easier as well. After an appointment today, before driving home I sat in my car and reflected on this for a few minuets. Is it easier to accept hunger and the uncomfortable feeling of being hungry when you know you're fasting? For me this means that I know I'm not going to eat for a couple more weeks. I know this is merely the beginning of this journey. Put that way, accepting it, deciding to live with it for another day becomes less difficult to do.

I find that I like not worrying about what I should eat. I like not having to obsess about it. I'm getting used to the hunger pains and I've become friends with this constant emptyness in my stomach. I'm becoming confortable with the uncomfort of it all.....

When I see someone who is overweight I often think they are that way because they overeat. I can relate to how easy it is gain weight from overindulging with favorite foods, sometimes even overeating to the point of pain from an overdistended stomach. When I see someone who's thin I often think how do they do it? are they just more disciplined then I am? What do they eat? When do they eat? How much to they exercise?? Now I wonder if its simply a case of that person having made "friends" with the feeling of hunger to the point where it's no longer an unwelcomed guest. Hunger is no longer something that is only permitted to persist momentarily until the next snack or the next meal.....

I wonder then, how easy would it be to accept hunger as a part of who i am. To befriend it daily. To be okay with an empty stomach once and a while, to be at peace with the feeling rather than to see it as problem that needs to be solved ASAP!


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