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the two most amazing things have happened!!

Date:   11/19/2006 9:32:20 PM ( 16 y ago)

so were on to day three, to be honest i didnt think i would of lasted this long. I wasnt woken by a strong urge to go to the toilet this morning but i did have the worst sleep ever! i tossed and turned and kept waking up and my back was sore i couldnt get comfortible. Still considering i had the worst sleep and that i now havnt eaten for three days i feel FANTASTIC, i dont feel grotty and bloated from over eating the night before, the cravings are still there but no where near as bad, although one of the boys at work had pasta for lunch and the entire office smelt so good my stomach did wee flips then. I dont feel run down as i thought i would of and i seem to have so far avoided suffering any mood swings yet..... dosnt mean to say they wont come , fingurs crossed i bypass all that sh*t though :-) I did however (just to put you off the food subject )this morning have another 4 bowel movements after the salt water , its mostly just a liquid coming out now but its a very very brown tinged liquid. ewww i no gross :-S

The two most AMAZING things have happened though and its only day 3!!, Im a naturally slenda person and harldy have an ounce of fat on me but i did have this tiny wee patch on the backs of my legs of what looked to be cellulite, i have tryed everything to get rid of it and nothing has worked , but today when i got dressed i noticed it was entirly gone! vanished! dissapered! i couldnt believe it. Not only that but the few minor blemishs i seem to get every now and again have totaly dissapeared aswell. I've also lost an entire KG!!! from 49 kg now to 48kg! if improvements like this continue to show, then bring on the other 7 days!!


thanks everyone aswell for all your support its been really helpful!!


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