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Crying spell after liver flush!!! Blessed herbs start!!

Date:   11/13/2006 7:05:27 PM ( 16 y ago)

It is still the day after liver flush and I had the strangest thing. I felt so depressed and I didn't think too much of it until it escalated into a crying spell. It didn't last too long but I couldn't stop crying!! I really didn't even know why I was crying!!! I looked up my symptoms and found alot of other people have had this occur after a liver flush. I guess as you release the toxins, you are also releasing emotional toxins. I thought I was going crazy!!! I must say I do feel alot better now!!

On a separate note, I recieved my shipment for Blessed Herbs and am starting the precleanse period. It consists of eating a little less progressively over 3 days and then a 5 day liquid only fast. They give other options to people who can't liquid fast but I really want to do the fast because it gets the most mucoid plaque out, so wish me luck!! Today I ate 1/4 less food each meal, then took my blessed herbs in the evening. I'm really excited because I think I really have a toxic bowel and I'm anxious to clear up my acne. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have 2-3 bowel movements.


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