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8 days and will do it again

Date:   10/28/2006 9:25:16 PM ( 16 y ago)

Now yes the subject says breaking the fast and that is in fact what I have done. Why you ask when things were going SO WELL??

Well before i started this fast I had consulted my dr on how to safely fast and she had stated it was fine to go ahead and do this however if I experienced extreme hunger that would not go away with juice then It was time to break it.

I think 8 days for a first time faster is pretty good. It wasn't that it was overly hard but at this point in time in my life I am happy with the 8 days. I've decided to break it at this point in time and I do definitely plan on taking on another fast.

HOWEVER just because I have chosen to break it due to the hunger that just WOULD NOT go away it was painful hunger does not mean I plan on reverting back to my old ways. I've learned a lot of great things about myself in this 8 days of fasting and I am excited to try another fast in the months to come. Perhaps after Christmas when there are not so many things going on that make it next to impossible to fast without being met with a barrage of questions. I don't feel quilty for breaking it as I was simply following the dr's orders and listening to my body. Maybe many of you hardcore fasters out there would push through it but she has advised me not to do that as it might have a negative effect.

I will be sticking with this site and reading of others successes. and When I start my fast again I will definitely post more on my journey. I feel wonderful though and have not felt this good in so long.

I think the upside to this is I prefasted for a month before hand for the most part. I had eliminated all but one meal of solids and replaced that with juice and i plan to continue drinking juice as a part of my life so I think that the 8 days did a lot for me since i had prefasted for so long.

Thanks for the support though


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